Billfodl Damage-Proof Seed Backup Tool For Cryptocurrency Traders Announced

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The recently added Billfodl Recovery Seed Backup Tool is an offline cold storage device capable of holding 12-, 18-, and 24-word recovery seed phrases. The tool is a robust and damage-proof alternative to paper, ink, and pencil, which even when kept secure, eventually corrode over time.

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Generally speaking, software and hardware wallets are safe and secure ways of protecting crypto investments. But even these tools are susceptible to loss, theft, hacking, and tampering. This is why a lot of crypto traders are turning to devices such as The Crypto Merchant’s new Billfodl Recovery Seed Backup Tool for an added layer of offline protection.

The American-designed Billfodl Recovery Seed Backup Tool is made using laser-cut 316 Marine Grade stainless steel. The steel is waterproof and corrosion-resistant and forged to withstand temperatures as high as double the average house fire. Because it’s entirely offline, it’s also impossible for hackers to access it.

To store recovery seeds, traders simply slide laser-engraved alphanumeric tiles into the chassis of the device spelling out the words in their unique phrases. Once set, the device is sealed using a screw-locking mechanism. The tiles are permanently etched, so there is no possibility of the letters or numbers fading. This also means that no additional stamping is required either.

The Billfodl Recovery Seed Backup Tool is compatible with all hardware wallets, software wallets, and password managers that use hexadecimal or BIP39 seeds, keys, and passwords. It has space for up to 96 characters and comes with 360 tiles.

“Anyone with a significant amount of cryptocurrency that is still relying on paper seeds as backup needs to consider getting a Billfodl Recovery Seed Backup Tool,” said a spokesperson for The Crypto Merchant. “It’s an affordable insurance policy against the many potential threats that digital and paper backup seeds don’t protect against.”

The Billfodl Recovery Seed Backup Tool is available individually or in packs of four through The Crypto Merchant’s website.

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The Crypto Merchant is a leading platform for trusted crypto products and asset security information. In addition to Billfodl products, they are also an authorized retailer of Trezor, Ledger, Shift Crypto, Cryptotag, and KeepKey products.

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