Mya Morretto, First Model with Narcolepsy walk at New York Fashion Week

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Mya Morretto Wearing Rojen Laluna collection

This 14 year old was diagnosed with narcolepsy but her condition didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams, Moretto got to do not one, but 3 catwalks in the Big Apple.

New York City, New York Apr 3, 2023 ( – We’re all striving for that indescribable, euphoric feeling – heart pounding, palms sweaty, tears brimming; the ability to say, “I finally did it and I can’t believe it”!Daydreaming about the monumental moment of achieving your life-long aspirations is a generalized human action that the majority of people experience, however witnessing those dreams come to life isn’t as common. From Princeton, Mercer County, West Virginia USA, Mya Moretto is among the few who get to indulge in the exhilarating milestone of achieving life-changing success. At just 14 years old, Mya Moretto has accomplished her lifetime dream, from being an 8th grade student at Princeton Middle School in West Virginia to becoming a New York City fashion model.

Moretto was diagnosed with Narcolepsy with cataplexy, Narcolepsy type1 is a chronic neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to control sleep-wake cycles, Moretto was bullied because of her condition and this bullying took a toll on her self esteem and her mental health it took some time to get support from friends but this didn’t stop her, she continues to educate herself and her family about her condition morreto used her condition as a platform and advocate for narcolepsy. Moretto was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to walk in New York Fashion Week multiple seasons, Her New York Fashion Week debut was last September 11, 2022, and on December 11, 2022, she joined the universal international awareness pageant that was held in the capital city of the state of West Virginia. The pageant promotes and advocates for mental health awareness. The pageant concluded and she was crowned the new Teen Miss Universal International 2023, and the overall highest winner of the entire pageant. After she was crowned she was invited to attend the February 9-11,2023 New York Fashion Week “fashion with a mission” held in H.K hall New York City where she walked for several designers and walked in the runway to raise awareness for her condition, she walked for Stylo de lazo, the collection is design to promote and raise awareness for lymphoma cancer, she walked for Red Empire Collection, the collection is design to promote cardiovascular heart deceased and she walked for Rojen Morris “Blood Moon collection, the collection is design to promote and raise awareness for women suffered with domestic violence, she was so honored to get a chance to walk for this designers and to raised awareness about her condition. This West Virginia native has proven that being diagnosed with narcolepsy is not a hindrance to her success.

Coming from a very small town, she didn’t expect that she will have all these opportunities. “It is unbelievable, to be honest, it’s a very overwhelming feeling participating in the runway event modeling for this amazing designer and seeing myself on New York billboards It was a dream come true. I am so happy and honored I cannot do this without the people who supported me along the way from the very beginning of this journey. I want to say my gratitude to God for all these blessings that I am receiving and I want to say thank you to both of my loving parents my mom Theresa and my dad Robert and my brother Kyle Moretto, thank you all so much for all your love and support. To my grandparents, Robert & Audrey Tiller and Helen Green thank you for your love and support and for believing in me, and thank you to my Cheer coach Paulina Miller. Thank you to all my aunts and uncles, and thank you to my Band Director Lee Ann Lykens. Thank you to Eye Lens Visuals for capturing all my photos before I traveled to New York City and most of all thank you to the entire team of Star Dreamers Productions “Rojen Morris” for creating this opportunity of a lifetime and making this dream come true and I thank all my friends I am so blessed having these people behind me who supported me along the way”. Morretto said. Having this condition didn’t stop her from pursuing her love of Art, music, writing, cooking, sewing, and attending any sports and cheer she like’s to keep herself busy and do things like a normal teenager would do.

Moretto’s future dream is to pursue music and art and hoping 15years from now she will have an apartment in New York City and her own business she hopes to continue to raise awareness of her condition while living a happy and exciting life, she wants to make the most of what she has and hoping to continue to help those who aren’t as fortunate as her. Mya Moretto was looking forward to attending her first film and attending an event in Charleston heart ball, volunteering in the community to raise funds for special needs kids, modeling in West Virginia fashion week on May 27, Miami Florida in July, and New York in September and Paris in October whether it’s the runway in New York City or any country, This West Virginia native will not let her Narcolepsy condition stop her from pursuing her goals and dreams in life.

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