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Sean Liu Orthodontics is announcing a renewed focus on its orthodontic treatments for adults, using Invisalign or SureSmile clear aligners to address crossbites, crowding without extraction, gaps, overlapping or crooked teeth, and misaligned or malpositioned jaws. Dr. Sean Liu and his expert team work closely with patients to help them achieve optimal dental alignment and correct a variety of orthodontic conditions.

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As a leading orthodontics practice, the expert team helps clients who exhibit a range of orthodontic complications, including crossbite, crowding, malocclusion, deep bite, excessive overjet, and protrusive incisors, among others. For adult patients with bone loss, prosthetic teeth, or other complications, Dr. Liu works closely as a team with the patient’s family dentist, periodontist, and other specialists.

Each year, over nine million Americans receive orthodontic treatment. Appropriate and timely diagnosis and treatment are crucial, as misaligned teeth can cause pain, tooth damage, oral infections, cavities, and muscle pain. An incorrect bite can also lead to abnormal tooth wear, gum recession, or facial asymmetry.

At the first appointment, Sean Liu Orthodontics undertakes a comprehensive initial assessment of each patient’s dental profile, taking X-rays and images to evaluate overall tooth development, jawbone size and position, and other potential issues. Depending on the needs and preferences of each patient, the practice can then provide fitted Invisalign or SureSmile clear aligners, as well as traditional braces, to help prevent, manage, and correct mal-positioned teeth and jaws, and misaligned bite patterns.

The practice also offers orthodontic services for children and teens, where early intervention can simplify later treatment by helping to regulate the width of their dental arches, gain space for permanent teeth, and avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions, among other benefits. The practice further offers fixed braces, as well as a two-phase treatment for younger patients that involves tooth straightening and jaw growth modification.

This latest service update aligns with Sean Liu Orthodontics’ continued commitment to providing high-quality orthodontic solutions for patients in Kent, WA, and the surrounding area. More information about the practice’s orthodontic services can be found at:

A satisfied patient said: “I finished my treatment and am ecstatic about the results! My treatment plan was easy and painless. Everyone in Dr. Liu’s office is fantastic and friendly, and my appointments were always on time.”

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