Greater Manchester Local Tradespeople Directory, Neighbourhood Listings Launched

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People looking to spend their money locally can use Pinpoint Listings Manchester to browse a wide variety of tradesmen that serve the Greater Manchester area. Businesses can create their listing by adding information such as company name and description, address, phone, website, and email.

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With the launch of its online directory, Pinpoint Listings Manchester provides a community resource that allows businesses another way to reach customers in their local area. One recent study by Deloitte found that 59% of British consumers shopped more locally during the recent years’ lockdowns; as such this community resource may help Manchester locals continue this trend.

The online directory currently contains the details of hundreds of prominent Manchester businesses, including bed and breakfasts, barbers, and yoga studios. Directory listings on the website are organised into categories such as Home Services and then into subcategories like Gardeners, Locksmiths, Handymen, and Electricians.

For example, one of the listings currently being featured on the homepage of the online directory is an acupuncturist called Flora Grace located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. This business listing can also be found in the Health and Fitness section of the directory, alongside 7 other acupuncturists.

Manchester businesses looking to join this online directory can register for a complimentary listing via a link on the Pinpoint Listings Manchester website. Alternatively, businesses can choose the premium pricing plan, which includes additional features including an image slideshow, business hours, company logo, and social media link.

In addition, the site features details of community events and local resources, providing a platform that amalgamates a range of pertinent information for residents of the Greater Manchester area.

The recent launch of this site by Pinpoint Listings Manchester is in line with the company’s commitment to creating growth for local businesses in the digital age.

Pinpoint Listings Manchester is an independent digital marketing agency that offers its services to local businesses throughout Manchester and Salford. Aside from its new online business directory, the company provides website development design, social media marketing, video marketing production, and local reputation management.

The founder of the company said, “I wanted to provide a free service for the hardworking business owners in the Greater Manchester area who don’t have the budgets or digital marketing know-how to get their businesses exposed to wider audiences. I’m excited to watch our local business community grow with this new marketing tool.”

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