RF Thyroid Treatment Device For Otolaryngologists, Clinical Support Announced

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The latest announcement from RGS Healthcare provides otolaryngology and endocrinology clinics across the US with access to RF Medical’s flagship Mygen V-1000 unit. The device utilizes the power of radiofrequency waves to cauterize and destroy thyroid nodules and cysts.

More details can be found at https://rgshealthcare.com/thyroid-ablation/

The company’s recent announcement details the V-1000’s high specifications and range of clinician-friendly features. RGS Healthcare specializes in matching the clinical and budgetary needs of clients with the most advanced technologies to deliver better patient outcomes and increase turnover for medical facilities.

According to the Journal of Pain Research, cooled radiofrequency ablation was first developed in the late 1990s for arrhythmia management in the field of cardiology. Later, the technology was found to be equally effective in the reduction of tumor volume in thyroid patients and has since been used in medial branch neurotomy.

The V-1000, which is now available via RGS Healthcare, allows clinicians to perform cyst and nodule removal procedures under local anesthetic. This greatly reduces recovery times for patients and helps to keep costs low for healthcare providers and their clients alike.

The device shrinks nodules without compromising thyroid function and offers a compelling alternative to invasive surgical interventions for thyroid patients. Guided ultrasound is used to insert a thermal probe into the nodule which is then destroyed by the heated tip before the cauterized tissue is absorbed again by the body.

The Mygen V-1000 is compatible with various types of electrodes and allows users to access a range of treatment algorithms that are stored in its internal memory. As well as thyroid growth removal, the unit can also be used on the kidneys, bones, liver, and lungs. A smart UI provides intuitive operation via a 7-inch TFT LCD touch screen while a USB connection allows for easy monitoring via PC and software upgrades.

Other features include a patient pad monitoring system, an advanced self-test function, and a voice information system. In addition to supplying the device, RGS Healthcare also provides on-site training for clinicians, helping to smooth any transition when adopting the new technology.

A spokesperson says, “Helping physicians improve patient care while improving ROI, RGS Healthcare has been a leading Medical Imaging Equipment Distributor for more than 10 years. We do our best to place the right equipment in your practice, always recommending the best solution that fits your needs.”

For more information, go to https://rgshealthcare.com


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