Fashion Networking Space & Suppliers Database For Small-Lot Production Launched

The company has designed its newly launched networking space to allow fashion entrepreneurs to search for and connect with suppliers who support small-lot production. The Fashion Index platform offers individual entrepreneurs or small businesses access to an easy-to-use searchable database of printers, production facilities, suppliers, and more.

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Fashion Index’s newly launched platform has created a way for fashion entrepreneurs to collaborate with other professionals that specialize in different aspects of the fashion industry.

Small-lot production is a critical part of lean manufacturing. Producing in small lots means entrepreneurs can limit inventory and reduce over-purchasing, which is crucial for smaller businesses or individual entrepreneurs who do not sell in mass quantities – and increases sustainability, one of Fashion Index’s tenets. By utilizing the small-lot production model, entrepreneurs can more effectively incorporate customer and industry feedback to improve their products with each lot.

Fashion Index is a reliable space for entrepreneurs to find suppliers who not only support small-lot production but who are best suited to their unique business and product needs. The platform allows users to search by apparel category, so they can identify and connect with suppliers and professionals who specialize in their desired product range. Entrepreneurs can also connect with business coaches and consultants to receive expert advice on how best to choose and collaborate with a sustainable supplier.

About Fashion Index

Fashion Index is a woman-owned business that created an innovative technology platform dedicated to connecting fashion industry professionals with the people and resources they need. The company’s founders have years of industry experience and have worked with leading international brands, including JLo by Jennifer Lopez, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Fox Racing, and others. Fashion Index strives to empower individual entrepreneurs and established businesses in the fashion industry by fostering a cohesive, collaborative network.

“I always wanted to create a sustainable knitwear brand,” said one small business owner utilizing Fashion Index’s platform. “A designer’s dream is always to have their own line. I wanted to work with luxury, naturally sustainable fibers, and factories. I’ve discovered some great resources through Fashion Index.”

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