Learning Strategies To Teaching Hope In Elementary School, Curriculum Announced

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The newly introduced emotional intelligence curriculum, “My Best Me”, teaches elementary students what it means to be hopeful and how hope can improve their classroom and life experience. The elementary-level program shows students how to effectively set goals, and how to create actionable pathways and build the willpower needed to achieve those goals.

Interested parties can learn more at https://hoperisingedu.com/sample-text/

With its new curriculum, Hope Rising seeks to help create healthy communities within elementary school classrooms where students encourage and support one another and engage in respectful, open communication with their teachers. “My Best Me” uses scientific research on the power of hope and centers it around these five essential aspects of life: identity, health, community, environment, and economics.

Elementary school students often struggle to consistently manage their emotions in class, especially when they have gone through one or multiple adverse childhood experiences. Mismanaged emotions can lead to conflicts or fighting amongst classmates, disrespectful interactions with teachers, and other classroom disruptions that take away from learning time.

“My Best Me” teaches students how to develop and maintain habits that will support their physical, mental, and emotional health. By empowering students to take care of themselves and be accountable for their actions, the EI curriculum builds a foundation of personal power and positivity in students.

The importance of a healthy community is another concept highlighted in “My Best Me”. As such, it helps students learn how to understand their own identity and the essential part they play in creating a strong, collaborative community in the classroom and beyond.

About Hope Rising

Hope Rising is a curriculum developer that is dedicated to serving both teachers and students with its comprehensive emotional intelligence programs. The company strives to provide structural support with its fully developed, flexible lesson plans, as well as supplemental, individualized support in the form of teacher training, a collaborative teacher discussion group, and educational blog entries on the website. Hope Rising’s award-winning curriculum, “My Best Me”, can be used in kindergarten up through high school classrooms.

“While optimism is a wish, Hope is the power and motivation to make tomorrow better than today,” said one spokesperson for the company. “By teaching children this Hope in My Best Me, we add more to Emotional Intelligence as a whole and give students willpower to make every day better than yesterday because they have the Hope to make it so.”

Interested parties can learn more and contact Hope Rising by visiting https://hoperisingedu.com/

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