H.K. Dog Training Offers Comprehensive Programs for all Breeds and Ages

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Fort Myers, FL: H.K. Dog Training has established a solid reputation as a reliable and effective dog training company. Their board and train, puppy training, and boarding programs are designed to transform dogs into well-behaved and obedient companions.

The board and train program offered by H.K. Dog Training is a favorite among customers due to its effectiveness in transforming dogs into well-behaved and obedient companions. This program is facilitated by skilled trainers who are experienced in reinforcing obedience commands using positive reinforcement techniques. Through the program, dogs can overcome problematic behaviors such as nuisance barking, chewing, disobedience, and digging. Furthermore, the program emphasizes teaching leash manners to ensure that dogs are comfortable wearing a leash.

H.K. Dog Training‘s puppy training program is tailored to provide puppies with a strong foundation of good habits and socialization skills. The program is designed to help prevent destructive behaviors, such as excessive barking and chewing, common among puppies. The experienced trainers at H.K. Dog Training employ positive reinforcement techniques to help puppies learn and develop good habits early on.

During the program, puppies are exposed to a variety of socialization experiences to help them develop positive interactions with other dogs and people. This is important as it helps prevent fear and aggression towards other dogs and people later on. The trainers also teach the puppies basic obedience commands, such as sit, stay, and come, which are essential for effective communication between the owner and the puppy.

The trainers understand that puppies have short attention spans, and as such, the training sessions are kept short and fun, ensuring that the puppies are engaged and eager to learn. The program is also flexible and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the puppy and the owner. Interested customers can schedule a no-obligation consultation with the trainers through the form available on their website.

H.K. Dog Training ensures to create a safe and comfortable space for dogs. They offer boarding services for pet parents who are planning to spend a night or a couple of nights away from their furry friends and are searching for a place where their furry friends can feel at home.

The trainers at H.K. Dog Training are highly experienced and knowledgeable. They possess knowledge of various dog training and behavior modification techniques. The lead trainer and proprietor, Hunter Kearns, has over eight years of experience in pet and enforcement K9 dog training. The assistant trainer, Liva Crews, grew up in a family that bred and raised protection dogs and has since advanced her skills to become a full-fledged dog trainer. Together, they provide well-balanced and in-depth dog and owner training.

“I highly recommend H.K Dog Training! Hunter does a great job with the dogs and is very professional & easy to work with! 10/10 would use this company again,” One dog parent said.

To visit H.K. Dog Training, dog owners can find them at 6149 Hershey Ave, Fort Myers, FL, 33905, US. Contact the professional dog trainers at (239) 822-1285.

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