Small Cap Day Trading Mentorship: Technical Analysis With Pro Traders Updated

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The latest move sees the expansion of MIC’s acclaimed training model for amateur traders with a suite of advanced learning tools, one-to-one mentoring, and weekly tutorials. Subscribers can now access affordable coaching in all of the fundamental techniques needed to build a successful career in the markets, including technical analysis.

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While the platform offers entry-level education for beginners, MIC’s panel of expert traders ensures that even more experienced market players can hope to improve their performance and generate more consistent yields. The website gathers methodology and knowledge from across the day trading space, broadening the skillsets of its members so that they can increase their returns in all market cycles.

Technical analysis forms the bedrock of any day trading success. The process involves analyzing historical price movements to predict how stocks are likely to perform in the future. According to Business Insider, this strategy is based on the idea that history repeats itself and that asset prices reveal all the information necessary to make smarter trades.

MIC subscribers are shown the various facets of technical analysis including chart reading, spotting patterns and trends, and the role of market sentiment in trading behavior and price movement. Theories such as the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) are also explored, helping identify gaps between a stock’s fair value and its market value. Tutorials also look at supply and demand and how that plays out in evaluating an asset.

All weekly webinars are recorded and logged in MIC’s large video database, covering every aspect of day trading. This content can be accessed on demand. Subscribers also benefit from daily trading blueprints and live market recaps.

MIC founders Bao Nguyen and Alex Temiz are passionate about giving amateur traders the opportunity to carve out a career in the stock market and acquire new skills to help them become self-sufficient in months rather than years.

A spokesperson says, “Day traders can benefit from using tools and resources, such as charting software and real-time news feeds, to help them make more informed decisions. My Investing Club also provides members exclusive access to many additional resources, such as custom position sizing methods, risk calculators, and much more.”

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