Wall Decor By Female Artists: Watercolor Paintings & Digital Art Launched

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Commemorating Women’s History Month 2023, BIG Wall Decor’s new collection features the work of 3 new names recently added to its roster of artists. Karine Tonial Grimm, Olivia Herrick, and Shelby Kregel are all female creatives who the company professes are “defying stereotypes and creating stunning works of art that challenge the status quo.”

More information is available at https://bigwalldecor.com/art-created-by-female-artists/

The latest collection encompasses the work of a total of 11 female artists and includes watercolor paintings, digital art, and photography. The prints by all featured artists are available to order from BIG Wall Decor in varying sizes, from 24 x 24″ to 72 x 108″.

BIG Wall Decor is also using its Women’s History Month spotlight to share quotes by its female creatives discussing their experiences of being professional artists. P Muir writes, “The #1 thing I want the next generation of female creators to know – youth is fleeting. Don’t try to keep up with what you see on social media. Focus on gaining skills that will never age and building something that will become more beautiful with time.”

Each of the artists in the Women’s History Month selection has a different professional journey and style of art-making. For instance, one of the newest artists to join BIG Wall Decor, Karine Tonial Grimm, is a Brazilian digital artist who uses a tablet to create minimalist, abstract artwork. She embraced art as a means of coping with depression and is inspired by motherhood and the various countries she has lived in, including Ireland, Germany, and Portugal.

Another featured artist is Olivia Herrick, a Minnesota-based graphic designer who creates artwork using bold primary colors, shapes, and phrases that inspire positivity. Her artworks started out as notes to herself posted on Instagram; her simple, vibrant designs such as ‘Little By Little,’ ‘You Can Do This,’ and ‘Best You Can Do’ are quickly gaining popularity on the BIG Wall Decor site.

For its wall decor art, BIG Wall Decor uses a print/framing solution called ArtFab, a specially-coated premium fabric that is designed for high-definition printing. Unlike canvas or posters, this material is resistant to tearing and fading and can be easily switched from the frame, allowing the owner to swap the artwork for another print at any time.

About BIG Wall Decor

The founders of BIG Wall Decor gained over 20 years of experience printing for luxury brands prior to creating their platform for independent visual art. BIG Wall Decor has established a strong reputation for its professional customer service and high-quality color prints, as indicated by its numerous positive testimonials.

A satisfied customer said, “Simple, colorful, joyful. What more could you ask for from wall art? I hung this up in my living room and get so many compliments. The quality is incredible.”

Interested parties can visit https://bigwalldecor.com/art-created-by-female-artists/ for further details on the Women’s History Month 2023 collection.

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