St Louis MO Stormwater Basin Construction For Flood Protection Announced

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With this announcement, the company is also providing an environmentally friendly way to deal with possible contaminants that may be present in stormwater runoffs that can contribute to consequential issues such as foundation and soil erosion challenges, amongst other things.

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Now clients that experience severe storms or flooding throughout the year can benefit from a suitable stormwater basin solution.

The Drainage Team offers St Louis property owners a variety of stormwater basin options including Bioretention basins, bioswales, retention basins, and ponds, as well as pond edge stabilization. This also includes pond and lake dredging, creek restoration, and Rip Rap installation.

The basic concept of a bio-retention basin or pond is when flood stormwater is controlled and dispersed at a controlled rate, with contaminants such as solids and mulch naturally filtered through strips of grass or aquatic vegetation, as it is being directed towards the shallow low-lying detention, retention, dry or drainage pond or basin on the property. The treated overflow water is allowed to naturally drain into the soil or moved through an underdrain system to somewhere else on the property, or to a storm drainage system.

The company’s bioswales have a more landscaped appearance and use a combination of vegetation, special soils, and rock to slow down and filter the stormwater before it goes into the storm sewer system.

Drainage Team also offers wet ponds – aesthetically pleasing retention basins used to manage stormwater runoff, prevent flooding and downstream erosion, and improve water quality flowing to nearby lakes, rivers, and streams.

Finally, clients can benefit from pond edge stabilization. This solution addresses soil erosion and holes in the pond banks caused by water ripples, repeated currents of rising and falling water levels, as well as storm sewer, swale discharge, and downspout pipe water discharging into the pond.

A satisfied client said, “We are so glad we had Drainage Team help us with our late 1800s cellar that was always wet and a swampy area in the yard. From the first consultation to the final inspection, we knew the job wasn’t only being done right, but they did all they could to make it perfect. The crew was exceptional in their expertise, diligence, and respect for our property. After two weeks of steady rain, our cellar is completely dry for the first time in 38 years and the swamp is gone from our yard. An excellent company to work with!”

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