Migraine Relief Head Cap With Soft Gel Ice Packs & Stretch Compression Launched

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Cool Relief LLC’s newly added Soft Gel Migraine Ice Head Cap leverages flex ice technology to provide users with long-lasting headache relief. The cap can also be used to reduce puffy eyes and sinus tension.

More details can be found at https://www.coolrelief.net/collections/head-and-neck-ice-wraps/products/cool-relief-soft-gel-migraine-ice-head-wrap-cap-ice-pack-for-headache-relief-sinus-tension-puffy-eyes-and-stress-relief-cold-compress-one-size-black-black

Migraine attacks usually come at inopportune times. In most cases, over-the-counter medicines and painkillers can help manage some of the symptoms, but these remedies often take time to kick in and may only provide partial or temporary relief. In contrast, Cool Relief LLC’s new Soft Gel Migraine Ice Head Cap offers full coverage of the head and provides consistent pain relief for up to one hour.

The Soft Gel Migraine Ice Head Cap is a one-piece stretchable head wrap intended to provide relaxation and comfort during a migraine attack. The cap’s V-shape design allows it to be worn at forehead level or pulled down to cover the face. This feature is particularly useful to individuals whose migraines are triggered or exacerbated by light.

For cooling, the cap utilizes Cool Relief LLC’s soft stretch gel packs. These flexible and durable gel packs are placed into the cap’s extra wide ice pockets where the compression allows them to conform to the user’s head. They can be frozen in under two hours and are completely reusable.

In addition to the V-shape design, the Soft Gel Migraine Ice Head Cap also features an open top, which prevents pressure on top of the head and allows for breathability. The cap’s fabrics are also soft on the skin and cause no irritation.

“I used to get migraines all the time, and it was frustrating because there wasn’t anything that would help relieve the pain,” said a satisfied customer. “But then I discovered Cool Relief’s Soft Gel Migraine Ice Head Cap. It’s made with flex ice technology, which helps keep the cold going longer. And the best part is that it’s super comfortable to wear.”

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Cool Relief is an industry leader in ice packs, ice wraps, and other personal cooling and heating devices. The company has been providing customers with medical-grade athletic rehabilitation, post-surgery, and first-aid solutions since 2007.

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.coolrelief.net/collections/head-and-neck-ice-wraps/products/cool-relief-soft-gel-migraine-ice-head-wrap-cap-ice-pack-for-headache-relief-sinus-tension-puffy-eyes-and-stress-relief-cold-compress-one-size-black-black

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