Montclair Birth Injury Attorney: Medical Malpractice Legal Representation Update

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As part of its updated medical malpractice case representation services, the law firm now provides contingency fee-based support and guidance to clients seeking justice for injuries sustained during childbirth. The Montclair medical malpractice attorneys are available to discuss the various options with the plaintiffs and can be contacted via their 24/7 injury helpline.

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The move is in response to a recent report from the CDC, which showed that almost 30,000 babies born each year in the U.S. suffer a birth injury. According to NJ Injury Guys Montclair, these injuries, while uncommon, can result in acute or chronic conditions, as well as life-threatening emergencies.

Birth injuries come in many forms and degrees of severity. During childbirth, the mother and newborn can suffer physical and neurological injuries. If these injuries resulted from a practitioner’s inability to meet the acceptable standard of care, NJ Injury Guys believes the injured party can sue for compensation.

The attorneys have represented clients in birth injury claims for decades. They handle cases involving brachial plexus injury, bone fractures, spinal cord injury, brain and head trauma, subdural hematoma, and cerebral and Erb’s palsy.

Renowned for their compassionate yet aggressive approach, the lawyers at NJ Injury Guys will negotiate for a settlement that covers their clients’ past and ongoing medical expenses, as well as the physical and emotional sufferings they may have endured.

While the law firm recommends clients seek legal help the moment they discover the birth injury, given the two-year statute of limitations, they also explained that it is possible to file and win a birth injury claim even after the initial statute of limitations has elapsed.

Alongside its birth injury case representation services, NJ Injury Guys Montclair also represents clients in wrongful death cases arising from medical malpractice and other personal injury claims.

A spokesperson said, “If a mistake during delivery led to a permanent injury or you have doubts about the healthcare provider’s diligence during childbirth, our medical malpractice law firm can help you understand your rights and the various options to seek legal redress.”

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