Financial Advisor Retirement Planning & Investment Strategies: Service Update

Bedrock now offers investment plans customized to each individual based on their current financial needs, goals, and the desired future for themselves and their families. Clients can work with an advisor to create an investment plan that will help them capitalize on their savings, retirement package, and Social Security.

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This service update offers soon-to-be retirees a comprehensive planning approach that will reap more benefits for them in both the short and long term. Bedrock Investment Advisors can help people build an income stream for the rest of their lives by using diverse investment and savings techniques.

Many retirees experience income gaps as they transition from the workforce into retirement, with payouts from various retirement plans and social security held up by bureaucracy. Without planning ahead, these retirees can be caught off-guard and need to dip into savings or borrow money to bridge the income gap, explains the firm. In the longer term, retirement without proper planning and investing can create a situation where retirees are on a fixed income that restricts their financial freedom for the duration of their lives.

Bedrock Investment Advisors can work with soon-to-be retirees to help them prepare for the transition out of the workforce and ensure they experience a steady income stream without worrying about bridging any gap in payments. The company can also create a plan with the client to put a guaranteed income stream in place for their spouse, family members, or other loved ones. Planning ahead with the financial specialists at Bedrock Investment Advisors can help retirees continue to generate income rather than perpetually pull money from their savings.

About Bedrock Investment Advisors

Bedrock Investment Advisors approaches investing and financial planning with its in-depth, comprehensive program. For those looking to improve their current and future financial situation, the company offers programs that include investment options, disciplined investing and saving methods, and tactical allocation that guarantees long-term results.

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“We are constantly studying investment risk, return, correlation, and diversification to find a precise, quantifiable goal that our clients benefit from most,” said one spokesperson for the company. “It’s our job to make sure that you’re on the right course, and that you’ll still reach your goals, regardless of what obstacles may come up along the way.”

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