New Political Party, Redemption Party, Launches in the United States

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Atlanta, Georgia Mar 6, 2023 ( – A group of politically-minded individuals today announced the formation of a new political party, the Redemption Party. The party aims to provide a fresh perspective and new solutions to the issues facing the country.

“We are tired of the same polarizing politics and the same divisive politicians,” said 2024 United States Presidential Candidate Ashaki Nichols, the party’s federal candidate. “The Redemption Party offers a new approach and a renewed commitment to the values that make our country great.”

The party’s platform is focused on Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Federal Government by Empowering Local Government, and Constitutional Sovereignty. The Redemption Party plans to field candidates in local, state, and national elections with a focus on promoting transparency, accountability, and representation for all citizens.

“The Redemption Party is about giving a voice to the people,” said 2024 United States Presidential Candidate Ashaki Nichols. “We believe that every American deserves a say in how our country is run and that government should work for the people, not the other way around.”

The Redemption Party will hold a series of public meetings and events to engage citizens, get their feedback, and build a strong support base.

For more information about the Redemption Party, visit the party’s website,, email, or call (470) 923-0786.

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Redemption Party

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