Online Manifestation & Meditation Guide For Improving Spirituality Launched

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The recently launched manifestation guide, “Project Manage Your Manifestations”, is designed to help professionals avoid burnout, stress, and workplace anxiety. It is a five-week course, however, students can go through the modules at their own pace.

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Meditating Human’s new guide helps professionals find meaning and fulfillment in their careers. According to an article published in The New Yorker, burnout is much more common in the age of the internet and instant messaging because it is not as easy for employees to leave work in the office and relax at home. The last decade has also seen a shift in workplace attitudes, where competition and expectations have increased.

Because of this, Meditating Human believes professionals must improve their mindset and strengthen their spirituality. It allows them to be in a better position to achieve their goals, both in their professional and personal lives. According to the company, these goals do not have to be significant, like a promotion or a drastic increase in sales. They can be small steps that will make their workload easier, like better time management, more friends, or a more positive outlook every day when they are getting ready for work.

The online manifestation guide uses scientifically proven techniques like subliminal messaging and meditation to help professionals reach their goals. Subliminal messaging is a mindfulness technique that traces its roots to ancient Buddhism. It uses visual cues in the individual’s surroundings to stay motivated. Monks would create Zen gardens, bonsai, and art that is visually pleasing and calming because looking at that imagery signals their minds to stay calm and peaceful.

For a more modern approach, Meditating Human encourages students to fill their space with motivational words, pictures, and visual cues that will keep them motivated throughout the day. By surrounding themselves with good vibes, they are less likely to view difficult or tedious tasks negatively. Studies show that employees who practice subliminal messaging are happier and more productive at work.

“I have simplified the manifestation process, so you master it in weeks, not years. My course is uniquely designed to help you master manifestation and spirituality. Project Manage Your Manifestations makes the manifesting process less complicated, frustrating, and scary,” a company representative said.

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