Boston Fitness Gym – Intermittent Fasting Metabolic Benefits Report Released

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A report released by Fitness Fahrenheit, a health and fitness gym facility located in Boston Massachusetts, says that intermittent fasting is good for overall health and wellness. Authored by club owner Koji Lopez, the report outlines a number of reasons why intermittent fasting should become part of every healthy individual’s dietary routine.

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Koji Lopez, owner of Fitness Fahrenheit in Boston, Massachusetts, has released a report aimed at helping individuals achieve optimal well-being by making intermittent fasting a part of overall health and fitness plans.

Also known as intermittent energy restriction, intermittent fasting is an umbrella term for mealtime schedules that cycle between voluntary fasting and non-fasting over a given period of time. It can lead to weight loss and a number of other positive health outcomes.

The Fitness Fahrenheit report notes that fasting raises an individual’s metabolic rate by 3.6 – 14 percent, thus increasing the number of calories the body burns. As a result, fasting can reduce body weight by 3 – 8 percent over a period of 3 – 24 weeks at an estimated rate of 0.55 – 1.65 pounds per week.

The report also reveals that intermittent fasting supports immune function. It explains that as a response to being deprived of energy the body kills off old or damaged immune cells which triggers the regeneration of new cells thus increasing the body’s healthy immune boosting cells.

Also noted in the report is a link between fasting and improved insulin levels, which can lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes. When food is consumed and metabolized it ends up as molecules in the blood stream. For these glucose molecules to be utilized by the body’s cells, they require insulin. When nothing has been consumed and insulin isn’t being released, the body’s insulin levels naturally decrease.

Beyond its positive impact on weight maintenance and insulin regulation, the report released by Fitness Fahrenheit says intermittent fasting improves overall cardiovascular health, increases the body’s ability to resist oxidative stress brought on by free radicals, helps combat swelling and leads to improved brain health by increasing brain derived neurotrophic factor, (BDNF), a key molecule essential to learning and memory.

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