International Apartments & Villas For US Baby Boomers: Property Listings Update

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This latest update makes international properties accessible to home buyers and investors in the United States while specialized marketing strategies allow expired listings to be promoted locally to an international audience looking to relocate to the US.

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With the jump in remote work brought about by the pandemic, many American professionals are relocating to their dream country. Meanwhile, retirement rates in the US doubled between 2019 and 2020 which, paired with today’s relaxed travel policies, gives baby boomers the opportunity to purchase affordable real estate overseas. With a recent update in services to display hundreds of international property listings, including new developments, directly from her website, Le Doan of Luxe Homes Global brokered by eXp Realty is meeting home buyer demand in all segments of the market.

The strength of the US dollar continues to outperform the Euro and other international currencies, making international real estate more accessible to Americans. And with US property values skyrocketing, overseas properties are becoming more attractive and affordable to several segments of the US homebuyer market.

Germany, Spain, and the south of France are particularly popular locations because of the deals to be found on apartments and villas. Estimates reveal close to 20 percent of apartments in Paris were purchased by Americans in 2021 while an increasing number of executives are choosing to relocate to German cities such as Berlin and Frankfurt.

As an experienced real estate professional, Doan makes properties all over the world easier for in-market buyers to find and evaluate. She continues to connect real estate buyers and sellers with properties that meet their goals and fit their budgets through online listings that can be translated into over 100 languages.

International listings can be narrowed down using Doan’s website’s filters to deliver a selection of fitting opportunities along with a detailed account of each available property. Buyers can evaluate price, property type, neighborhood, local amenities, and much more.

Doan says, “With both local MLS and international MLS listings featured on Luxe Homes Global brokered by eXp Realty, we now have hundreds of international properties accessible to anyone looking to move overseas or invest in overseas properties. We also list expired properties on international websites to draw in not just local buyers, but also those from abroad looking to relocate to the United States, particularly relocating to Massachusetts.”

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