New Non-Toxic Blue Mermaid Candle Kit With Handmade Unscented Beeswax Launched

The highlight of their new collection is their non-toxic Blue Mermaid Candle Kit. As a totally handcrafted piece, Parlour of Wonders’ beautifully set and carved candle features a mermaid floating in repose atop the ocean bed with intricate detail given to her long, flowing hair and scallop-patterned tail.

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The new handmade unscented beeswax candle line has been released as North America’s interest in candles continues to rise. According to Grand View Research, candles are now worth almost $US570 million, a figure which is anticipated to rise by 3.3% annually in the coming decade.

Parlour of Wonders knows that this popularity has been driven, in part, by an interest in the spiritual and healing dimensions of candles. As such, they have crafted a collection in their Los Angeles studio that is designed to be used in daily self-care and positive manifestation rituals.

The store believes that their new Blue Mermaid Candle Kit can help its owners to tap into the ancient mystery and feminine power of the figure of the mermaid and to attract love, protection, beauty, and abundance into their life.

The candle kit contains a complete instruction guide on how to use the candle as a spiritual object. It also comes with a complementary spiritual oil and floral and herbal blend to help users set and achieve their intentions.

Parlour of Wonders suggests that interested readers should select the clean-burning beeswax candle in blue if they are particularly focused on healing and reconciliation. However, the candle also comes available in red, pink, black, green, purple, yellow, orange, white and brown, all of which have a distinct symbolic and spiritual meaning, including romance, power, happiness and grounding.

Customers can also choose from other new all-natural and calming candle kits, like their ‘Speak to Me’ lip-shaped candles, ‘Come to Me’ male and female figure candles and their Lucky Cat cat-shaped candles.

Parlour of Wonders was founded by Madame Pamita, a Los Angeles-based speaker, writer and master crafter of spiritual wares.

A spokesperson for the store said, “Each of Madame Pamita’s Candle Kits starts with a spiritually charged beeswax candle that we make right here at the Parlour of Wonders. Beeswax is the most luxurious candle wax that money can buy and is the very best for your health and for your positive manifestation and self-care rituals.??”

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