Automation Consultants Now Sells Atlassian Software Licences Directly to Clients

Automation Consultants, an automation leader across the software lifecycle, now sells Atlassian product licences directly to customers.

With this service, the company aims to help its clients save time and gain more control over their Atlassian applications while maximising their technology ROI.

Atlassian is a leading software development company enabling teams to achieve innovation faster and easier with its high-end products.

Due to Atlassian announcing to phase out its Server products by 2024, customers have no option but to migrate to the Data Centre or Cloud. The licensing model for Atlassian Data Centre or Cloud can be complex, and Automation has simplified licence management services. Its team of Atlassian product licensing specialists can efficiently define an optimal licensing strategy and help clients avoid cost overruns while ensuring convenience, continuity, and optimisation of the Atlassian technologies at their disposal.

The company aims to deliver a top-class Atlassian licensing experience by taking product procurement, licence upgrade, and renewals off customers’ plates, enabling them to concentrate more on moving their companies forward.

By efficiently analysing the Atlassian licence inventory of an enterprise and defining its actual requirements based on present use and projected growth rate, Automation ensures a customer’s Atlassian investment never breaks the bank.

Via comprehensive audit, Automation can identify consolidated points that could yield substantial cost savings and offers co-terming and PO-based purchasing along with competitive payment terms. The dedicated team with deep domain expertise at the company collaborates with customers to align their Atlassian renewals and third-party add-on licences to a single date for the convenience of a single yearly bill. With one annual payment option, Automation ensures no renewals are missed, thus simplifying licence complexity.

Automation aims to offer its clients a single point of contact for all issues associated with Atlassian licence management. Its dedicated team of Atlassian Certified Professionals is always available to provide expert advice and support for all aspects of a client’s Atlassian ecosystem, from managed services all the way through to system configuration. Leveraging Automation’s tailored guidance on Atlassian product packaging options and licence tiers, customers can avoid pitfalls and get the most value from their Atlassian licence portfolio.

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