QC Kinetix (Summerfield) Uses Regenerative Medicine To Treat Joint Pain, Musculoskeletal Conditions, and Sports Injuries

Summerfield, FL – QC Kinetix (Summerfield) is a premier alternative medicine clinic offering noninvasive regenerative medical solutions in Summerfield, FL. The clinic offers biological treatments as an alternative to surgery to treat chronic pain, sports injuries, and musculoskeletal conditions.

QC Kinetix (Summerfield) treatments mainly target joint pain in different body parts such as knees, shoulder, back, hips, elbow, wrists, ankles, foot and hand, fingers and toes, tendons, and ligaments. The regenerative medicine also addresses muscle pain. They also have treatments for sports-related injuries, injuries from accidents, and pain due to arthritis. Besides joint treatment, the pain control clinic also treats non-sports-related musculoskeletal pain resulting from other conditions such as low back pain, foot pain and tendon injuries. These mainly target pain in the nerves and tendons.

QC Kinetix (Summerfield) clinic offers diagnosis services and general checkups to determine the particular condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment. The Summerfield joint pain treatment clinic has advanced regenerative orthopedists that create customized treatment plans tailor-made for each patient. The medical providers also ensure to provide a quality patient experience, and a concierge-level service aids this during patients’ treatment period at the clinic.

The clinic uses reliable technology to run various tests, after which they offer customized treatment plans that incorporate the best therapies. Their board-certified physicians keep up to date with the current and emerging treatment solutions that continue to meet client’s needs for pain therapies.

Regenerative medicine is appropriate for anyone suffering from joint pain, and in many cases, the treatments eliminate the need for joint replacement and related surgeries which are costly, have prolonged recovery times, and also require patients to take bed rest for several months. The regenerative medical solutions are natural and also enhance faster healing and long-lasting outcomes.

Some of the symptoms that indicate one could be a candidate for regenerative medicine include limited joint mobility, noisy joints, swelling and stiffness, redness and warmth, cramping and discomfort, weakness while standing and walking, and more.

A happy client had this to say about their pain treatment protocols, “After years of pain and doing all I can to avoid surgery, I’m glad I finally found a solution at QC Kinetix (Summerfield). At first, I thought it was hype considering I had tried many treatments to reduce the pain in vain, but now I have reduced pain after a few months. I’ve recommended most of my friends, family, and even acquaintances because this remains surreal, and their feedback is very positive.”

QC Kinetix (Summerfield) is located at 17350 SE 109th Terrace Rd, Unit 4, Summerfield, FL, 34491, USA. Visit their website to request a consultation, view testimonials and reviews, and learn more about their Summerfield office. Clients can also call the company at (352) 400-4550 for more information on their services.

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