QC Kinetix (Ft Wayne)’s Sports Medicine Lauded for Fast-Action Treatment Against Sports Injuries in Indiana

Fort Wayne, IN – That sports injuries are a part of most sporting activities is no secret, but that doesn’t mean they have to take center stage. Unfortunately, many injured athletes often find themselves between a rock and a hard place regarding the commonly available treatment options. Depending on the nature and extent of their injuries, surgeries or analgesics are the two often-recommended choices. The problem is that neither of these options is ideal for treating sports-related injuries. Fortunately for them, a third option – regenerative sports medicine – is gaining popularity fast in athletic circles with encouraging results.

While calling on injured athletes to give their regenerative medicine Fort Wayne clinic a try, a company spokesperson said, “At QC Kinetix, we want to help all our patients to return to the active lifestyles they enjoy, whether that includes playing professional sports or weekends with friends in Ft. Wayne, IN. We offer a combination of treatments within the field of regenerative medicine, each one an alternative to surgery that focuses on natural pain treatments, restorative therapies, and rejuvenation. Have you received a recommendation for surgery from a local sports medicine doctor in Ft. Wayne, IN? Bring your diagnosis to QC Kinetix for a second opinion before you agree to surgical intervention.”

As part of a multi-location chain of regenerative medicine clinics, QC Kinetix (Ft Wayne) is at the forefront of helping athletes regain peak performance fast in Ft Wayne, IN, and its environs. The clinic’s treatments come as a welcome relief to injured athletes who consider surgeries too risky and pain medications relatively ineffective. Unlike complex surgical procedures that often take several months to heal and even longer to achieve full body functionality, regenerative therapies often require only a few months for a full recovery. The treatments work by introducing all-natural biologic factors to the injured parts using minimally invasive procedures.

While pain medications can help alleviate pain symptoms, they are not long-term solutions to sports-related injuries as they often fail to address the root causes of such pains. As a result, athletes who use them risk exacerbating their conditions, making them harder to treat effectively in the future. In addition, they expose themselves to harmful side effects and a real risk of addiction. On the other hand, QC Kinetix (Ft Wayne)’s regenerative therapies address all the underlying conditions causing chronic pain without requiring prolonged usage of analgesics. Many athletes who have tried this option admit to being able to get back to their physical-intensity sporting activities within a few months of beginning treatment.

Irrefutable evidence points to QC Kinetix (Ft Wayne)’s therapies being effective in remedying a wide range of sports injuries. Athletes with injuries such as golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, torn meniscus, jumper’s knee, runners knee, labrum tear, or torn rotator cuffs need only visit the pain control clinic to begin their journey to recovery. Potential candidates can visit the clinic’s website for more information. A responsive representative is always reachable at (260) 333-9383 for queries. The clinic is located at 10020 Dupont Circle Ct, Suite 130, Fort Wayne, IN, 46825, USA.

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