US Contemporary Handmade Glass Bead Statement Necklaces For Daily Usage Launched

The new necklaces have been conceived with a mature woman in mind, a woman who knows her style and who wants to wear pieces that elevate and accentuate her look. As such, Amasor Jewelry’s new line features one-of-a-kind and luxurious handmade glass beads sourced from Venice, Italy, and the master craftsmen of Murano.

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The jeweler’s expansion into Murano glass represents a new stage in their artistic evolution. Known primarily for their ethnic and tribal-style jewelry – which creates modern looks from traditional semi-precious stones like turquoise, lapis lazuli, and coral – the jeweler is now transforming the ancient 10th-century tradition of Venetian glass and transposing it to new styles.

Amasor Jewelry believes that glass beads can be used to create standout necklaces and easy-to-wear pieces that are both versatile and colorful. Therefore, with their new line, the jeweler brings their customers distinct, stylish, and eye-catching, yet everyday looks.

One such item is their Long Necklace with Red Venetian Glass Bead. This 24.5-inch sterling silver chain features a rich red Venetian bead and a black agate bead drop beneath it. The necklace is accented by twelve faceted agate beads and clear Swarovski crystals. For a shorter look, customers can select the Black Magic Woman necklace. This piece measures 16.5 inches and highlights a captivating, darkly multi-hued Venetian glass square on a beaded chain of black and AB Swarovski crystals.

For those customers who are seeking a more understated look, Amasor Jewelry has options like their Authentic Murano Glass Bead Pendant, which has two textured multi-colored deep rainbow hue glass beads that sit at the end of a heavy 32-inch gold overlay chain.

The store also has handcrafted necklaces that feature handmade glass beads from around the world, including other parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Amasor Jewelry is a Los Angeles jeweler who draws inspiration from international styles and jewelry-making traditions. They seek to create looks that embody what is ethnic, elegant, and everyday.

A spokesperson for the jeweler said, “Wear a taste of Venice, Italy with our Venetian and Murano glass beaded necklaces. These pieces are for everyday usage for any woman wanting to elevate herself and her self-image.”

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