No”sis Founder, Anthony Wall, to Release Book on Human Sustainability

King of Prussia, Pa. (September 7, 2022) – Anthony Wall, founder of the non-profit No”sis, has announced a soon-to-be-published book, The Human Injury.

The book describes the immensity of evolutionary influence on modern human behavior. Wall’s book will ask emotionally exhausted humanity to abandon its false bravado, view itself through a starkly realistic lens, value its exquisite rarity, and actively preserve itself.

Wall points to an invisible and deadly paradox. He explains:

“The primitive forces inside modern humans were forged by 125,000 prior generations of humans. These relic forces act like wrecking balls. They do not think and they do not bargain. No one told the baser areas of the human brain that our ancient predators no longer exist. These primitive relics have instead reinvented themselves and they’re making the rules.”

Modern humans greatly misinterpret their environments all day and therein lies the paradox. The protective forces that once enabled human survival now fully prevent humankind from achieving sustainability.

“Modern humans are chained to their evolutionary past. We, therefore, plan for an unattainable future,” Wall says.

Wall rejects any dystopian interpretation of the book. He aims to gift the human species with the clarity it needs. “An exhausted humanity will perish by its inaction should it fail to know what is now knowable.”

Wall also makes an inconvenient point about human history books. The failure of past human cultures is called “complex.” Wall counters that human failure is a study in precision. He further risks that situational analysis of human history has no utility. “Same play, different actors,” Wall explains.

What derailed humanity? Wall points to the book title.

The Human Injury describes mankind’s evolutionary crossover from migratory to stationary. The emergence of acquisitive behavior was a natural arrival point for stationary cultures. It would also prove to be a mathematically pre-ordained failure. The diminishment of once equal beings ignited unnatural behavior. The fuse to failure was lit and it burns to this day. This random crossover event ignited a socio-mathematical constant. Deep human longings for collaboration were discouraged and replaced. The resulting dynamics – perpetual conflict – is not in any way survivable.

Wall explains that capitalism is nevertheless the only choice for a sentient species.

What now? How do we treat “The Human Injury?”

Wall is the founder of No”sis, a non-profit organization dedicated to human sustainability by exposing the evolutionary motivators for all modern behavior.

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Anthony Wall Background

Anthony Wall graduated from the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia. He continued his education at Lake Forest College in Chicago. Wall’s professional career began with relationship-based sales as a top producer with ADT national accounts. In 2000, Wall reinvented his career, earning his license as a Registered Investment Advisor with PNC Investments, and later, with the Royal Bank of Canada.

Wall’s passion today is centered on the growth of No”sis to create a worldwide network to unite all of humanity under the banner of species self-preservation.


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