Salt Lake City Biohazard Cleanup | Crime Scene Waste/Black Mold Removal Launched

The new service provided by Bio Clean of Utah is conducted by certified professionals who can remove hazardous materials such as bodily fluids from crime or trauma scenes. Conducting a cleanup of this nature without certification is a crime in Utah, making this an essential service to the Salt Lake City community.

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Aside from removing biohazardous waste from crime scenes, the team can now also help home and business owners eliminate dangerous black mold, which is also a biohazard. Well-established mold colonies can fester and cause much more severe health problems and can even lead to structural damage.

Being present at a crime scene is highly risky. These areas are usually covered with blood and body fluids that can carry pathogens ranging from common influenza to HIV. Crime scene cleanup involves the handling of various potentially biohazardous substances, which is why this task should always be performed by trained professionals. With the proper equipment and procedures, they make sure no one gets infected and the area is thoroughly cleaned.

Bio Clean of Utah has a team of professionals specialized in biohazard cleanup. Familiar with all government restrictions and regulations regarding the removal and disposal of biohazardous waste, they will take all necessary precautions during a crime or trauma scene cleanup.

The company offers services in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, and can assist in the total removal of immediate threats to health, but also associated staining and structural decay.

They are proud to offer emergency cleanup services as well and are on-call 24/7. This is especially valuable in the case of biohazardous waste to minimize the damage to health and property.

Recently, the team was contracted to clean a car which had accumulated a hazardous level of filth and needed cleaning before it could be sold. The team accomplished this task valiantly, removing garbage and stains which made the car unusable. Through this work, they display their versatility and willingness to conquer any job.

The Bio Clean team in Salt Lake City is composed of experienced, qualified professionals who are ready to handle any situation. They have been a trusted name in disaster cleanup for 20 years and have dutifully kept their communities healthy and safe.

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