Mindfulness Training For Emotional Health | Private Online Coaching Launched

Newly launched online sessions from Ramona Galey include Blissipline training that can help a client develop passions and purpose in their lives by only committing to the things that make them feel good.

More information is available at https://www.ramonagaley.com

With mentorship sessions, clients receive guided training and life coaching that helps them to discover their own personal path to success and happiness.

As the world recovers from events such as the global pandemic, many individuals are feeling the emotional stresses and pressures that life can bring. Learning how to control the thoughts that cause these issues can be crucial for improving an individual’s state of mind and increasing their happiness. Ramona Galey’s mindfulness sessions offer guided mentoring that teaches clients the skills they need to release all their resistance and limiting beliefs for improved well-being.

The services available from Ramona Galey include Blissipline training, which teaches clients how to focus on things that feel good. By using this positive outlook, clients learn how to love what they do every day while also growing emotionally in all areas of their lives.

Ramona’s sessions are available for those looking to improve their personal and business success as well as their decision-making skills. These one-on-one, VIP confidential sessions connect individuals with Ramona Galey’s spiritual guides (Opra) and the Infinite Intelligence.

Having worked as a coach for many years, Ramona has helped clients with a wide range of issues and concerns, including overcoming emotional blocks, dealing with imposter syndrome, and increasing their connections with loved ones.

The sessions are conducted virtually over Zoom and can be booked through Ramona’s website, where visitors can also receive a copy of their ‘Top 10 Law of Attraction Mistakes’ guide.

Ramona said, “I became a life coach, vibrational mentor, and consultant to help others to release their own limitations and to achieve their innermost desires in life.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.ramonagaley.com

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