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The Integrative Functional Medicine practice, led by Dr. Truc Nguyen, MD, has updated its services in the wake of the pandemic, which created the need for significant lifestyle changes for many of the practice’s patients.

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Conscious Medicine, which helps patients identify, achieve, and manage the lifestyles they want, now offers functional nutritional IV therapy and neuromuscular rebalancing therapy (NMRT), to help patients restore the mind-body connection – one of the goals central to integrative medicine.

In the U.S, the growing demand for a more holistic approach to health is being driven by new research and the recognition that better lifestyle management can prevent or treat many diseases. Patients report that one of their primary complaints is the brief time allotted to doctor visits, which typically conclude with prescribed medication for any illness. Functional medicine considers the patient’s daily activities, including their diet and exercise regimen. Patients can take charge of their own healthcare with the aid of health coaches who collaborate with doctors.

Conscious Medicine adopts an approach to patients’ health based on addressing the root causes of disease for each person individually. After running laboratory work to establish a person’s biochemical baseline, the team looks to understand all possible contributing factors – including genetics and lifestyle: a single condition can have many different causes, and that one cause can lead to many different conditions. Conscious Medicine looks to understand why symptoms are occurring in the first place.

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For example, Health Coach Ana Marcos runs the practice’s NMRT program – which helps patients alleviate pain in the long term. NMRT, which involves applying pressure to particular “myofascial” or “trigger spots” on the body, activates the body’s natural healing process. Ms. Marcos combines her training in Western and Eastern techniques to promote healthy flow throughout the body.

The team works in sync with Dr. Tru Nguyen to educate, support, and motivate patients to take control of their lives with lasting lifestyle and health changes – by following the protocols and treatment plan agreed upon.

One patient commented: “My first visit with Dr. Truc felt as if she’d been my doctor for years. I got that she really cared about making sure I was well. She’s always willing to answer my questions. I love her approach to medicine and the way she pulls it all together in a way you can understand.”

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