Lettuce Deliver Encourages The Benefits Of Seasonal Eating

Lettuce Deliver Organics is a leading Sydney retailer of Organic Fruit and Vegetables and in an exclusive interview with Metro Cities Media they drew attention to the benefits of seasonal eating as spring is nearly upon us.

Emma Slade, principal of Lettuce Deliver Organics said this when interviewed by Metro Cities Media, “We are so fortunate in Australia to have such high-quality fruits and vegetables that are locally grown year-round. We have always encouraged ‘seasonal eating’. Eating fruits and vegetables at the peak of their season is better on the pocket, tastes better and has the highest nutritional value.” She went on to say, “It’s also worth noting that we do not offer any imported Certified Organic Fresh Produce, we only offer our customers in season Australian Grown, Certified Organic Produce.”

Lettuce Deliver Organics is Sydney based and delivers organic fresh fruit & vegetables as well as groceries across Sydney and are recognised for delivering a great experience to their loyal customers for several decades now.

They are so grateful to not only the amazing farmers that supply to them, but also to the suppliers of the extensive grocery range they have. The range of groceries they stock has grown significantly since starting cooperatively trading in 1999. Over the years they have listened to customers and like it when a customer is looking for something specific, as they like the challenge of finding hard to get items for them.

Lettuce Deliver Organics get to know their growers very well as they are the ones who work hard to make the produce so good! They have been working with many of their growers and suppliers for over 20 years. They do not chop and change the locations from which the produce is coming during the season, because they know who has the produce customers love.

Shoppers are very loyal at Lettuce Deliver and the business returns the same loyalty to their farmers and wholesalers. Loyalty results in suppliers and growers going above and beyond to ensure Lettuce Deliver have consistent and an ongoing quality supply. They pay farmers and suppliers fair prices for the produce and services they provide them, and do so knowing that they will still be around next season to do it all over again.

About Organic Certification

Lettuce Deliver Organics only supply Certified Organic, Australian Grown Fresh Produce to their customers. That means that all of the Growers supplying Lettuce Deliver are independently audited to ensure they are growing their produce in line with the National Standard for Organic Production. They are also a Certified NASAA retailer which means that all the produce on offer can be traced back to the source. In fact, NASAA can contact them with a moment’s notice and ask them to provide invoices and proof of purchase for any goods being sold as Certified Organic.

Lettuce Deliver has been a NASAA Certified trader (R9291) since 2003 – that means they have been a certified NASAA trader for 18 years.

To learn more about Lettuce Deliver Organics here: https://lettucedeliver.com.au

Lettuce Deliver Organics Pty Ltd

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