Glamorous Lashes Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Marylebone London 3D Update

Glamorous Lashes, situated near Marylebone in London, has updated its Russian lash service for customers looking to increase eyelash volume and to improve the look of their eyelashes without the fuss and mess of mascara. Each lash is handcrafted and designed to last a long time in all conditions making it the perfect treatment for those looking for a new holiday look.

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A few of Glamorous Lashes’ updates include premium and handmade eyelash fans, as well as various lash lengths to suit a variety of eye shapes and client requirements.

The company often works with customers wanting to create a one-of-a-kind look for special events like holidays and weddings that last for as long as needed. The lashes typically last between 5-6 weeks depending on the customer’s lash cycle with infills needed every 2-3.5 weeks. This makes them a great option for those looking for a beautiful and natural new holiday look without the need to carry excessive amounts of make-up.

Before they start, Glamorous Lashes provide a full consultation for their customers in order to offer a look customised to suit their unique face, accentuating natural features & individual style. This way the studio can understand the look the customer wants to achieve.

With a team of award-winning eyelash artists making high-quality lashes, the studio has served clients from London and beyond. With its focus on designer lash extensions and lash lifts, Glamorous Lashes stands out among other beauty studios, attracting the attention of a number of notable clients and influencers like misssvalentina, Thuy Le, Chantelle Lee, Ellie O’Donnell, Kaci Jay, among others.

As part of the company’s lash services, the existing lashes underneath the extensions are maintained and an expert application technique has been developed over the last 14 years. The master lash stylists are capable of creating both natural and dramatic eye looks for clients to suit their everyday needs or special occasions using Classic Lash Extensions, 2D and 3D Russian/Hybrid Volume Lash Extensions.

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