Fantaverse’s Universal Token ecology has further improved, expected to become the next star token of the metaverse.

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In 2020, the pandemic iniSeoul, South Korea Aug 23, 2022 ( – tially created distance between people; but in 2021, with the emergence of the metaverse, the distance between people began to close again. When the real world has been unable to let people meet their daily needs and get closer to others, the metaverse becomes the only way out. And the meta-universe 3D AAA masterpiece game FantaVerse has increasingly become a focus of attention in the background of this particular period.

FantaVerse is a gorgeous game world created by a renowned game development team, offering rich game scenes, a sophisticated token economy, a mature artificial intelligence NPC experience, and a sensational gaming experience. With the upcoming debut of PVE, FantaVerse hopes to bring players a more multi-dimensional metaverse experience and make the “OASIS” come true.

FantaVerse is a Web 3.0 game production. It utilizes several blockchain technologies such as smart contracts, cross-chain bridges, NFT, decentralized transactions, and decentralized storage, complemented by 3D modeling, CG, and other art visuals, making players eager to enter the FantaVerse world to fight, upgrade, and breed, earning UTs and gaining spiritual and mental satisfaction. All NFT assets in FantaVerse, such as characters, lands, legendary equipment, skins, vehicles, mounts, and planets are eternal assets. Players can also use FantaEditor to gamify their NFTs in the FantaVerse metaverse, making these NFTs actual “oasis worlds” rather than just a game.

In addition, FantaVerse uses the blockchain economy to reward players for their contributions to the ecosystem. UT is a token deployed on Binance, a base cryptocurrency used to pay and trade props on-chain and can be used to purchase in-game props, land, buildings, special NFTs, and breedings. Players who buy NFTs can also be rewarded with UTs in mining or battles, and through UT, they can get faster-riding equipment, build more beautiful homes, breed better “offspring,” buy better equipment, etc. There is nothing UT can’t reach in FantaVerse. FantaVerse’s sophisticated token ecosystem distributes 27% of UTs to PVE players. Players can easily earn UT by participating in PVE and PVP games, other players’ homemade map games, occupying planets and land nodes, exploring different planet maps, and many other ways. The token ecosystem allocates 12% of the total UTs to the interactive experience of FantaGlass, allowing you to get a smooth and realistic gaming experience while earning UTs and quickly gaining UTs.

As the most common and practical token in the FantaVerse universe, UT has higher flexibility and more abundant vitality to empower guilds, support players, and gain more autonomous experiences in the FantaVerse game. With this further improvement of the UT ecology, the energy of UT will be further amplified, bringing more multi-dimensional and comprehensive practical impacts.

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