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The new report explains that, while providing high-quality service seems obvious, many optometrists don’t perform to the best of their abilities. By reading the tips provided by Dr. Scott Colonna, more eye specialists can achieve their clinic growth goals.

More information can be found at: https://drscottcolonna.com/how-service-will-set-your-optometry-business-apart-from-the-rest

The new report states that patient experience is an important foundational element for growth in this space. One method for determining the best processes is for eye specialists to take a personal check-in to analyze the effectiveness of their service.

Readers will learn that it’s important to follow best practices that put the patient first. By focusing attention and service development on each patient’s needs, optometrists can elevate their clinic and connect with more prospects.

Dr. Scott Colonna’s report uses four key points to illustrate specific ways clinics can optimize and improve their service. The first involves taking a more personalized approach to the eye exam experience. By customizing each eye exam, patients enjoy a better experience, which in turn impacts business growth.

Optometrists are encouraged to connect with patients during their eye examinations. However, it’s also possible to maintain this level of communication with prospects on social media. In combination with personalized service, this establishes a strong reputation and encourages word-of-mouth marketing.

Other tips include investing in technology and cultivating a team who shares the same outlook. In doing so, clinics improve their chance of creating a culture that champions high standards of service.

By using the report to improve their patient experience, clinics are more likely to enhance their reputation marketing efforts. With 72% of customers saying they use Google to find a business, establishing a trustworthy reputation can enhance lead generation efforts.

Dr. Scott is an experienced optometrist himself but also has years of experience as an executive coach and keynote speaker.

He states: “When patients feel heard, and their best interest is in mind, they are more likely to remain loyal and be returning customers. Something as simple as using their name when you address them can go a long way.”

Interested parties can learn more at: https://drscottcolonna.com/how-service-will-set-your-optometry-business-apart-from-the-rest

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