Toronto Preschool Emotional Intelligence Active Learning Program Expanded

The new active learning program works to keep children engaged and participating to build a solid foundation for their future education.

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The latest expansion is in line with EYES Child Care’s commitment to providing a nurturing and supportive learning environment in which children are encouraged to pursue their interests in addition to the traditional curriculum, to give them room to grow their self-confidence amongst their peers.

The balanced approach that EYES brings to kindergarten and early years education has been developed around the principle that young children are unique individuals that require different learning styles and levels of activity, and have social preferences just like adults. As such, the program considers emotional development as important as education and works to encourage children to develop psychologically and academically.

While most adults are already familiar with their preferences, the environment at EYES motivates children to learn what they like and dislike, and which are their preferred subjects and activities. Though classes follow the curriculum and include familiar subjects such as math, reading, writing, science and crafts, children are also provided with the freedom to explore their own interests.

Active learning techniques are used to teach the core subjects at the centre, which include the aforementioned alongside languages, sports, and creative activities like arts and crafts, and music. This approach to teaching has a high level of success in young children and works to keep them engaged in the subject through stories, games, discussions and more.

At EYES pupils are provided with the freedom to self-regulate, and as such rest and active times are chosen by each child to build self-empowerment and self-confidence. Calming day-to-day activities are also part of the program, with children taking part in yoga and meditation to encourage a positive mindset toward education.

“My child has recently enrolled in EYES Daycare, Vaughan and her experience has been delightful,” said one satisfied parent. “I see a calm, attentive and focused demeanour about my child that has been developing and it’s wonderful. The staff are a special group – helpful and respectful.”

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