Hamilton, ON Custom Corner Radius Cut Mattresses For Airstream RVs Launched

The announcement comes with Direct Bed aiming to improve access in and around its Hamilton headquarters to custom-cut mattresses suitable for irregularly-shaped bases. As well as their aesthetic qualities, such mattresses can be designed to fit in spaces such as RVs or boats, manufactured according to custom dimensions.

For more information, see https://directbed.ca/pages/custom-size-mattress-corner-cuts-radius-cuts

Direct Bed now provides varieties ranging from radius cut mattresses to Airstream-suited types, offering to cut and produce mattresses in line with specific customer requests. After taking the required measurements from those in need, the Ontario company works to manufacture custom corner cut mattresses as well as linens and bedding.

Company representatives explain that their process involves clear communication and collaboration with customers, working to verify their needed measurements and mattress style. Once this has been achieved, Direct Bed aims to provide a service quote in line with unique custom demands.

The Canadian bed retailer offers a selection of styles for custom corner cut mattresses, pointing to Cool Gel memory foam and pocket-coil varieties as popular requests. Direct Bed is also authorized to procure bespoke linen, custom-sewn by fellow Canadian manufacturer St Geneve. As such, it can provide customers with needed mattresses and bedding items – sized for yachts and motorhomes.

Advising that RV and boat-suited mattresses need to be produced according to accurate measurements, Direct Bed recommends that customers contact its team to help visualize their required dimensions.

A company spokesperson asks: “Are you having a hard time finding someone who will make a corner cut mattress? They can be very tricky to find since many manufacturers do not want to spend the time making these custom orders. Direct Bed has exactly what you are looking for in any shape you want. Radius corners? Airstream mattresses? Teardrop? We do it all.”

Orders for Canadian-made custom corner cut mattresses and related products can be placed via the company’s over-the-phone contact options, with further details available at its official website.

Interested parties can learn more about Direct Bed’s custom corner cut mattress manufacturing capabilities at https://directbed.ca/pages/custom-size-mattress-corner-cuts-radius-cuts

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