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Egg Harbor Township, NJ – If one is a professional, the chances are that their job involves elevated levels of responsibility, performance and accountability. Executives, business owners, health care providers, lawyers, pilots and first responders tend to hold licenses and official accreditations. In many cases, the livelihoods of staff, responsibility for clients and even the lives of strangers are in their hands.

While one may be a humble person, the enormity of this level of culpability puts pressure on them. If their coping mechanisms aren’t finely tuned, this can lead to seeking a release or solace in alcohol or drugs. A rehabilitation program for professionals needs to take into account these factors and customize a treatment plan according to their circumstances. Greenbranch Recovery’s drug and alcohol rehab for professionals is ready to help them beat addiction for good.

Addiction Treatment for Nurses

At Greenbranch Recovery, they pride themselves on putting front line workers, like nurses, at the forefront of their alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs. With their caring and thoughtful outpatient programs, they will address one’s stressors that led to addiction, and how they can help lead them away from them, into addiction recovery. Moreover, Greenbranch Recovery offers a PHP program for addiction recovery, where individuals will work one-on-one, daily, with their trained support staff to overcome drug or alcohol abuse.

Some substance abuse disorders are more common among nurses, partially due to accessibility but also due to the soothing or pain-killing effects. These include Alcohol dependence and binge drinking & Prescription painkillers such as oxycodone or hydrocodone.

Addiction Treatment for Teachers

Teachers face high levels of stress every day and feel responsible for the future of their students as well as their own future. On top of that, it’s all too common for a teacher to be underfunded in the classroom, which further compounds stress. Studies show that around 94% of teachers pay for school supplies out of their own pockets. Add long hours spent preparing classrooms, grading papers after class and planning lessons – it leaves teachers with a larger-than-usual workload compared to the average profession. It’s no wonder someone in that position might want to have a drink every now and then.

Greenbranch Recovery focuses on customized outpatient and partial residency programs that allow one to participate in treatment while maintaining their normal work schedule and ensuring privacy as they manage their alcoholism or drug addiction.

Veterans & First Responders Rehab

There are a number of reasons substance abuse is common among military service members and veterans. Trauma is the primary cause and it’s best described as an unhealed emotional wound. When the brain is faced with a situation that falls outside of what it expects to encounter in daily life, it doesn’t know how to process it. What’s more, events that are highly risky and stressful lead to an influx of stress hormones. In high doses, these chemicals can be toxic and lead to chronic inflammation and other disorders.

First responders often require specialized treatment for addiction and should always get diagnosed and treated for any other mental health conditions that are present. Trained staff at Greenbranch Recovery who specialize in trauma oversee treatment and offer specialty treatments such as EMDR where necessary. Other methods used at first responder rehab include:Individual therapy, Group therapy, Family therapy sessions & alternate methods much as music therapy and art therapy.

Firefighters Rehab in New Jersey

Firefighters, like other first responders, have unique needs when it comes to mental health care. The stress of the job, combined with exposure to repeated trauma, increases the risk for post-traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder and other mental health conditions.

Many firefighters struggle with substance use as a result of their experiences in the field. In a study published in Occupational Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal, a team of researchers from the Center for Fire, Rescue & EMS Health Research in Kansas surveyed more than 600 firefighters regarding their substance use. Greenbranch Recovery has experienced, compassionate treatment professionals ready to assess one and develop a customized treatment plan to meet their needs.

Rehab for Police Officers

Law enforcement officers face unique struggles, and potentially traumatic experiences are a daily occurrence. Police Officers and other first responders who struggle with addiction often experience additional guilt and shame because they feel they should be 100% upstanding citizens at all times. This makes them less likely to seek treatment and more likely to hide or deny their symptoms. Addiction is more common among police officers and Greenbranch Recovery’s Addiction Treatment program for Police Offices can help.

Drug and alcohol use seems like a viable solution to many of these problems because it can mask symptoms and help with emotional regulation in the short term. However, the consequences of self-medicating with drugs and alcohol ultimately make the condition worse. The only long-term solution to escaping these awful feelings is professional treatment in a calming, peaceful and supportive rehab center, like Greenbranch Recovery.

Employee Assistance Programs for Addiction in New Jersey

An employee assistance program helps workers get the support they need to deal with personal challenges. EAPs are sponsored by the employer, so they’re typically free and confidential. The goal of an EAP is to help employees resolve the issues that are negatively affecting their health, well-being or job performance.

With an EAP, one doesn’t have to navigate the recovery process alone. All one needs to do is make the first call — from there, an EAP representative will help them figure out the next step. They’ll also direct them to the resources that can help along the road to sobriety. Some EAPs offer legal and professional services that ensure they’re treated fairly under employment law and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Don’t go through the process of recovery alone. Greenbranch Reccovery can help one overcome addiction, keep their job, work with their schedule and promote positive norms that will reshape their life.

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