Accent on Skin is a Clinic in Wellington, NZ offering Botox Treatments to Restore Youthfulness

Wellington, NZ – Over time, the repeated use of facial muscles results in wrinkles and lines, making a person look permanently worried, angry, or disappointed, even when they’re not. To reduce and halt the visible tell-tale signs of aging, people seek muscle relaxant treatments such as Botox. The injections block specific nerve chemical signals, creating a more relaxed and youthful appearance. Accent on Skin, Wellington, NZ, offers anti-wrinkle injections to temporarily relax the facial muscles and treat conditions that affect other body functions.

Since its discovery, Botox treatments have built people’s self-esteem and improved their confidence. Anyone considering treatment needs to be well-informed and have confidence in their clinician, and this is why the skin care clinic in Wellington starts by performing an extensive consultation. The registered nurse gets to know a client, their cosmetic goals, medical history, and lifestyle choices before determining the best treatment plan. They utilize modern equipment, current cosmetic technology, and innovative techniques without compromising the industry’s best practices.

Botox treatments at Accent on Skin help smooth and prevent deeper, persistent facial lines such as crow’s feet, frown lines, or forehead lines. One ten-minute session relaxes the muscles, leaving them looking youthful for up to 4months. While Botox treatments can’t get rid of every minuscule facial line, they prevent deeper lines from developing over time and create a more natural look. The clinic uses Dysport, a prescription medicine containing 100units of Botulinum toxin.

Before treatment, the team informs clients about the benefits, risks, and after-care procedures. The possible side effects include flu-like symptoms, swelling/redness at the injection site, local muscle weakness, headaches, tingling sensations, and burning/stinging. Besides restoring a youthful appearance on the face, Botox Wellington aids in pain relief, alleviates depression, treats hyperhidrosis, and improves cluster headaches. Alongside Botox treatments, Accent on Skin offers fat freezing, dermal fillers, dermal needling, laser tattoo removal, LED light therapy, PRP treatments, and many more.

Marie Guerin has been working in cosmetic medicine since 1997, and she’s currently contracted to provide training in the use of dermal fillers to doctors and nurses in New Zealand. She’s is also known for her aesthetic eye and ability to assess client needs. Marie recommends and implements suitable treatments tailored to meet clients’ needs and desires.

“My goal is to make you look refreshed and vibrant – with a natural look that has your friends asking, how is it you never seem to get older?”- Marie Guerin, Owner.

Since Marie established Accent on Skin in 2014, it has become a leading provider of safe and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to clients of all ages and lifestyles. Together with her team, they regularly attend conferences and advanced training workshops to keep up with the industry trends, clients’ needs, techniques, and modalities. Additionally, they have written insightful articles on what to do about eye bags/dark circles, tightening the neck, popular non-invasive treatments, and many more.

To learn more about their Botox treatments, visit their website or call +64 4-473 6258 to book an appointment. Accent on Skin is located at Panama House Level 5/22 Panama Street, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand.

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