Berkeley Heights, NJ Anxiety & Depression Teen Mental Health Coaching Expanded

The recent update comes in response to the growing prevalence of teen disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, Nervosa, anxiety, depression, and social phobias. The program offers one-on-one coaching that focuses on the coping skills needed to address emotional challenges.

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A variety of techniques can be taught as part of the enhanced service, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, problem-solving, and emotional self-management. The goal is to equip young clients with tools that can be applied both in the present and at future stages in their life.

Advisories from the US Surgeon General are released to make the American public aware of significant and urgent public health issues. As a result of the current youth mental health concerns, a new advisory addressing the issue was published in the past 12 months. Among many other factors, the US Surgeon General stated that the pandemic has made the situation worse.

The recent expansion from Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching aims to provide more New Jersey teens with access to professional support. Given the variety of situations and conditions that can be involved, the services offered are tailored to individual needs.

In each case, the aim of the program is to provide practical problem-solving skills that help to recognize destructive thought patterns and self-manage an emotional response. Coaching can also be used in conjunction with the center’s professional counseling service.

About Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching

Head coach Christina Chororos has had personal experiences with mental health issues. She developed her approach to coaching in the belief that therapy services should also educate clients on how to cope with challenges. The practice now specializes in helping teens and young adults and holds memberships with multiple industry associations.

Christina Chororos recently stated: “After struggling with my own intense depression and anxiety for over a year, it became painfully apparent that medications and talk therapy just weren’t working. What I desperately needed was coping skills. It is for this reason that I developed and designed my coaching practice the way that I have.”

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