NYC Luxury Event Service | Poetry As Photobooth Alternative Announces Expansion

Guests visit the verse-makers to receive a personalized haiku keepsake on their chosen topic. Their signature look, smart attire, vintage typewriters, and ‘Free Haiku’ signage make them instantly recognizable no matter the event or setting.

Due to popular demand Haikuists are expanding the types of events they attend throughout New York City–and beyond. The company’s updated services can now be booked for weddings, holiday parties, fashion shows, conferences, private dinners, residencies, festivals, launch parties, and a host of other luxury events both big and small.

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Haikuists provide a fun and entertaining activity to help guests integrate. They make instant souvenirs or wedding favors that evoke lasting memories of a special occasion. The website notes that haiku-writing is a unique alternative to photo booths and that the gifts are long-kept by many. Some guests even get their haiku tattooed!

But what is a haiku, exactly? A haiku is a form of short poetry that originated in Japan. The purpose of haiku is to transfer deep meaning or essence in short compression. While its traditional structure is more nuanced, haikuists follow the three-line syllabic structure of 5-7-5. Whether guests are familiar with the form or have no idea, haikuists specialize in helping guests understand what it is they’re receiving as well as their role in its creation.

These performance poets craft unique haiku for event guests in under 2 minutes and can also assist attendees in writing their own typed guestbook messages. The haiku cards can be pinned to a tree or crafted into string artwork that evolves throughout the event. They can also be branded with a stamped company logo or monogram displayed on the back of the card. Have another idea? Haikuists are open to it.

The company’s event setup requires 2 chairs and a table for 2 typewriters and signage. The poets wear a formal three-piece suit or dress but can dress for a theme upon request. Clients can contact the company to discuss their vision and requirements.

Haikuists began over a decade ago when the founders set up a haiku station on Brooklyn Bridge whilst interviewing entrepreneurs for another project. The poetry venture soon gained widespread popularity. Thanks to their booming success Haikuists now have a presence in a dozen major cities across the U.S, including New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Chicago. Their star clients have included Google, The Knot, SpaceX, Lululemon, Snapchat, Barnes & Noble, Avametric, Tiffany & Co., IBM, and Hudson Yards.

A satisfied customer said: “The Haikuists remind us of the power of words, our desire for love, and the importance of face-to-face communication in our screen-obsessed world.”

Interested parties can find more information at or by calling (213)633-7380

1221 Venice Boulevard

United States

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