New Black Tourmaline Gemstones For Elixir & Crystal Water

Customers can now access various gemstone sets that have been used for thousands of years for protection and attraction of prosperity and health.

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Parlour of Wonders’ new collection adds to a wide range of products to its online store, including gemstones, lodestones, crystals, and soluble minerals for the preparation of elixirs. When properly arranged, they can bring a touch of nature indoors that will instantly transform any space.

The online store’s Black Tourmaline Gemstones are ideal for people looking for a home decor accessory that conveys a message. These little stones can be used as decorative elements in the bedroom or the living room, displayed in a clear glass bowl or vase. The crystals can also make a beautiful tabletop decor or be placed above the fireplace to add a touch of sparkle and an elegant finish.

Other sets included in the collection that can make a striking display in any space include Aquamarine, Moonstone, Snowflake Obsidian, Pink Aventurine, and Clear Quartz gem chips. The online stores also carries sets containing Blue Goldstone, Obsidian, and Amazonite gems.

These attractive small stones can also be featured in table lamps to lend an elegant feel and enhance the overall appeal of the place. A decorative item or composition containing these shiny gems can also be brought to the office to extend the space around them with their presence.

About Parlour of Wonders

Founded and managed by Madame Pamita, Parlour of Wonders is a one-stop shop for products, services, and consultations regarding spiritual matters. Madame Pamita writes books and articles, hosts podcasts provides one-on-one coaching, and organizes virtual parties and events services.

A spokesperson said, “Whether, through the products, workshops, books/articles, or podcasts, my goal is to empower you and to assist you in finding your path to success. I am extremely proud of the 5-star rating I have received from numerous clients on Yelp and look forward to bringing the same exceptional experience to you.”

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