Voice Over Marketplace | Audio Advertising Production Strategy Podcast Released

In the new episode, host and Voices’ CEO David Ciccarelli discusses audio advertising with Joe Frustaglio, the Voice Director, Music Producer, Composer, and Chief Engineer of Toronto-based audio house BoomBox Sound.

More information is available at https://www.voices.com/podcasts/voicebranding/podcast/creative-audio-production-with-joe-frustaglio

Listeners to the latest Voice Branding podcast will learn how audio advertising and production requires various skills and strategies that differ from other mediums, such as visual television commercials.

With the popularity of podcasts and music streaming services, the benefits and opportunities for using audio advertising have grown in recent times. However, those looking to create audio ads need to understand how the medium’s format requires specific production methods. Voice Branding’s interview with Joe Frustaglio explores this area, and the processes Joe uses when developing ads, from creative briefs to the final products.

During the interview, listeners will learn about the strategies and thought processes Joe uses for audio ads. They will find out how using special effects and professional voice actors can create continuous and recognizable branding.

By developing his skills across various areas, Joe Frustaglio has become a ‘jack of all trades’ for commercial audio production. Having established his expertise over several years, Joe combines his knowledge to create effective audio adverts that bring a client’s ideas to life.

As the world’s #1 voice marketplace, Voices connects brands with voiceover actors, audio production services, and translators. The company’s services are available in over 160 countries and across multiple languages and dialects.

Hosted by Voices’ CEO David Ciccarelli, the Voice Branding podcast is focused on providing listeners with insights and information regarding voiceover work and audio production.

As mentioned by Joe Frustaglio in the episode, “Having good sonic branding is important. I do think a brand’s message can get stronger if they have someone do it consistently. If they have the same actor, doing the same thing over and over again, you get a brand personality.”

Those who prefer to watch interviews can also find the episode on the company’s ‘Branding Through Audio’ YouTube channel. Interested parties can find out more by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jFIdbegPLI


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