Layton UT Mold Cleanup/Removal – Water Damage Inspection & Testing Launched

Mold problems often go unnoticed because this type of fungus prefers to inhabit warm and moist areas that are mostly hidden from view. With the recent update in service, the Centerville-based company can perform detailed inspections and testing to identify the type of mold and recommend the best solution to eradicate it from the client’s home.

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Layton residents who suspect there’s mold growing in their homes can now reach out to their local experts. Utah Disaster Specialists will dispatch their team of professionals equipped with gloves, respirators, and safety goggles to ensure a safe cleanup process.

Most people may be unaware of the adverse effects mold can have on their health. That is why the company cautions its clients about the respiratory problems that can develop if mold growth is left unattended. This fungus is known to release mycotoxins which can cause memory loss, headaches, itchy eyes, nausea, and lack of focus.

Clients who notice these symptoms are advised to contact a professional as soon as possible, to avoid further health complications. Aside from the serious effects mold can have on the human body, it can also hinder the structural integrity of the client’s property.

Utah Disaster Specialists can take small samples of mold without disrupting the spores – and potentially spreading them across the home. They can also advise clients on how to efficiently protect themselves until the problem is resolved. Their technicians will ascertain the level of damage and recommend the best course of action to get rid of the mold. Sometimes this may entail replacing parts of the house to prevent the spread and return of the fungus.

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During a recent mold cleanup job, the damage restoration experts found mold after a client reported a dishwasher leak. Upon a thorough inspection, mold was found on the counters and hardwood floors, while water damaged affected rooms below the kitchen. The team identified the supply line as the cause of the water damage and managed to remove the mold and restore the client’s property.

Utah Disaster Specialists provide a full line of damage cleanup and restoration services including, water, mold, and fire. Aside from Layton, they serve Provo, Salt Lake City, Lehi, Ogden, and Park City.

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