Grafton, MA Holistic Nutrition Consultation | Integrative Health Program Updated

The enhanced programs include the introduction of whole foods, nutritious shakes, and exercise, with the goal of improving overall health and wellbeing. Services are now offered in a standalone format, or can be incorporated into a more comprehensive holistic health plan.

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Poe Holistic Health’s latest update is part of an ongoing effort to introduce the modern lifestyle medicine approach in regions throughout Massachusetts. The announcement comes as more parts of the medical community recognize its potential.

A report from Cleveland Clinic explains the concept of integrative medicine, and why it is becoming increasingly popular. As the center explains, the approach combines traditional medical care with a range of complementary medicines, such as nutrition, yoga, meditation, and massage.

Poe Holistic Health is a party to this school of thought, and the updated nutrition consultancy services are intended to be used in conjunction with professional medical advice. While studies are still underway, Cleveland Clinic explains that integrative approaches may assist with a variety of physical ailments, including chronic pain, diabetes, headaches, asthma, and sciatica.

As part of the recent revision, Poe Holistic Health now offers bio-resonance hair analysis. The technique involves testing a small sample of hair and is designed to identify issues such as food sensitivity, vitamin deficiency, nutritional imbalance, and allergies.

About Poe Holistic Health

Head consultant Kristen Poe is a specialist in the field, holding a PhD in alternative medicine, along with a doctorate in naprapathy. In addition to nutritional advice, the company offers personalized holistic health plans. Kristen is also the author of a children’s book that encourages healthier eating habits.

One client of Poe Holistic Health recently stated: “After being in pain for many months, and having no success with physical therapy, I finally found someone who was able to offer me some relief. Kristen has been the only practitioner who has been able to assist me on my healing journey. I would definitely recommend Dr. Poe. She is very good at what she does.”

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