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Closed Caption Creator  Audio Description Plugin

Closed Caption Creator uses Microsoft Speech services to deliver lifelike Audio Descriptions for blind and low-vision audiences.

Cambridge, Ontario Jul 28, 2022 ( – Closed Caption Creator Inc. creators of Closed Caption Creator and Closed Caption Converter, announced today the release of their new Audio Description plugin for Closed Caption Creator 8. The new plugin is powered by Microsoft Azure’s Speech Services, which provides lifelike synthetic voices that can be used to deliver high-quality audio descriptions to blind, and low-vision audiences.

The Audio Description plugin allows writers to preview their scripts in real-time using the synthetic voice. This allows them the opportunity to make changes, and edit their scripts based on restrictions in time. Once a script is completed, it can be exported as a final mixdown for delivery to a broadcaster or production studio.

Audio Description Plugin Details:

  • Lifelike synthesized speech
  • Support for over 25 different languages
  • Automatic Dialogue Detection and AD Template creation
  • Loudness Normalization (for broadcast distribution)
  • Collaborative workflows means multiple editors can work on the same project at once
  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Closed Caption Creator was able to develop the new plugin in collaboration with industry professionals, and with support from the Microsoft for Startups program. The Microsoft for Startups program provided credits to help pay for infrastructure costs during the testing and development phase of the project.

“Not having to worry about a large cloud bill at the end of the month meant we could focus on building what we needed to build, and have customers be involved from the very start without needing them to pay,” said Nathaniel Deshpande, CEO and founder of Closed Caption Creator. “When working to integrate with Azure’s Speech services API, it was important to be able to test, and provide audio mixdowns to customers so that they could judge the final output for themselves”.

There is a growing demand for content to include an audio description from both broadcasters and online streaming services. End users have an expectation that all new programming contains audio descriptions.

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