How Advanced Spine & Disc’s Spine Specialist in Murray Is Helping Patients Avoid Back and Neck Surgery

Murray, UT – Advanced Spine & Disc is a leading pain management clinic that addresses severe, chronic spinal problems using pain-free and non-surgical approaches. The spine specialist at the clinic focuses on providing patients with an alternative to surgical intervention, ensuring that they no longer have to rely solely on pain pills, injections, and other invasive treatment modalities.

Patients suffering from numbness or tingling sensation, nerve pain, and other spine-related conditions can visit the pain clinic to speak to a specialist. The pain treatment professionals ensure that each patient gets personalized care and treatment designed for their specific condition.

Rated Murray’s top spine specialist, the clinic addresses degenerative disc disease that causes the loss of fluid and the development of tiny tears or cracks in the discs resulting in pain and weakness. People diagnosed with sciatica, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and other problems affecting the back and neck region can visit the Pain control clinic for help.

Welcoming new patients to Advanced Spine & Disc, the lead spinal specialist said: “Here at Advanced Spine and Disc, more effective treatment is available. We specialize in giving patients an option outside of the traditional model that typically has such poor outcomes. With Spinal Decompression treatment, we eliminate the need for surgery by fixing the underlying problem. Radiologists have confirmed with MRI that spinal decompression can permanently correct damage to the spine. This results not only in the avoidance of the risks and complications associated with invasive procedures, but more importantly, in getting you out of pain and back to your life.”

Having helped thousands of people over the years, the spine specialist Murray leverages the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology to deliver valuable results. Patients can rest assured that they’ll be treated with innovative equipment, including the latest spinal decompression equipment, to correct the problems in their back and neck region. All equipment used at the clinic have been confirmed to be safe, effective, and non-invasive.

Patients coming into Advanced Spine & Disc can also rest assured that they no longer have to worry about the long recovery time needed from surgery or the complications and costs associated. Using the pain-free and non-surgical treatment methods offered at Advanced Spine & Disc, they can begin to experience positive results, improved wellness, and better quality of life.

Advanced Spine & Disc is open to new patients seeking treatment for their spinal-related problems. The pain control clinic is located at 5250 Commerce Dr #155, Murray, Utah, 84107, United States. The specialists can be reached via phone at (801) 747-7776 or through their website.

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