Women Real Estate Investors | 2022 Beginner US Property Purchasing Guide Release

In its new digital resource, Creative Real Estate Academy covers information on where to find a suitable property, how to secure a down payment, and what to do following a purchase.

More information is available at https://crea.training/amp/blueprint

Alongside its newly released beginner resource, the company also offers in-depth training courses that can expand on the information found in the complimentary blueprint.

Real estate investing is a historically male-dominated industry, meaning women who want to learn the business may struggle to find the information and resources they need to get started. Furthermore, as the market continues to grow, learning the right strategies for building capital and making their first purchases is vital for an investor’s long-term success. Creative Real Estate Academy is a woman-owned business and its beginner blueprint offers the ideal entry point for newcomers of all genders to learn about real estate investing in the US.

The blueprint is suitable for beginners who have never invested in real estate before and offers a comprehensive real estate investment education. This allows readers to better understand the industry before learning the exact first steps they need to take in their new endeavor.

Those seeking guidance on finding the right real estate to invest in will also learn about the details they need to look for when collecting information regarding a property prior to making a purchase. This includes assessing a property’s current condition and availability, as well as its tax status and market value.

Creative Real Estate Academy’s complementary resource also includes access to an online community that can motivate and support others throughout their real estate journeys.

Founded by real estate expert Carolin Gallardo, Creative Real Estate Academy also provides additional courses that include both group coaching and one-on-one mentorship. These flexible 12-week courses teach advanced tactics, such as how to raise capital for investing, negotiation strategies, and rent-to-own tactics.

A recent student of Creative Real Estate Academy said, “The course literally walked me through every aspect of real estate investing. Learning how to analyze a deal and make it come to fruition has been something I truly never thought I could do myself.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://crea.training/amp/blueprint

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