Bronx Side Hustle Business Consultant | Entrepreneur Growth Coaching Launched

The focus of the expanded service is creating and achieving smart goals through consistent output, efficient workflows, and self-awareness strategies. By establishing “compound awareness”, entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed in their side hustles, grow their business, and achieve their lifestyle aims.

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To coincide with the latest move, Omar has released a new ebook available to download through his website. Called “Top Five Business Principles”, it teaches actionable frameworks that business owners can implement across sectors.

Omar’s business consultant services are also accompanied by an online community where professionals can network and grow alongside like-minded enthusiasts. This community provides regular updates on Omar’s podcast, blog posts, and business tips.

With years of experience as an entrepreneur, the New York business consultant encourages clients to set and achieve their goals accelerated by clear actions. His coaching style is immersive and he guides clients in developing a comprehensive awareness of their surroundings.

The central focus of his coaching service is to build consistent habits fueled with growth while establishing a foundation of recurring accountability. By applying these strategies, entrepreneurs become better equipped to pursue their passion projects and enhance their skills.

Omar opened his first “brick and mortar” business at the age of 25, and since then has worked in finance and real estate. He teaches clients that if their destination is unclear, it’s possible to create a flexible profession based on their interests and goals.

This freedom of choice and pursuit of passion projects underpins every element of his consulting business. His book centers on developing successful business goals with results-backed approaches that can be applied to different niches.

He also believes in motivation and self-improvement and provides grounding in both short-term and long-term lifestyle development.

Omar states: “If what you want to do does not exist, you can create it. I have not reached my financial destination yet, but I charge forward every day. Don’t complain about a lack of resources – be resourceful.”

Interested parties can learn more at:

Luis Omar Figueroa
55 Northern Boulevard

United States

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