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The practice, comprising a specialist team of musculoskeletal medical consultants from MSK Doctors, now offers cell therapy regeneration treatments for patients suffering from knee, shoulder, ankle, and hip disorders.

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The Keep Clinic, whose team works hand-in-hand with a multidisciplinary group of rehabilitation specialists, now provides non-surgical injection treatments that can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual patients. These effective and groundbreaking therapies, celebrated within the scientific and orthopaedic communities, are administered in an outpatient setting without the need for a general anaesthetic.

The orthopaedic regenerative medicine market, led by Europe and North America, is anticipated to continue growing by almost 11% annually worldwide over the next five years. Spurred by technological advancements, fewer regulatory restrictions, and growing public awareness, treatment protocols continue to be refined in an effort to yield the best possible patient outcomes. Until recently, cell orthobiologics – wherein biomaterials are implanted or injected into the body to promote regeneration and growth – had been the province of sports medicine, but demand for less invasive treatments and the scientific leaps in regenerative medicine have driven the market for cell therapy.

The Keep Clinic, under the auspices of MSK Doctors Cartilage Regeneration Clinic, headed by Prof Paul Lee, employs different treatments depending on the patient’s requirements. Fat Cell Therapy, Bone Marrow therapy, Stem Cell and Biological Scaffolding are all viable options under different scenarios. Many biological treatment options are available, and The Keep Clinic’s team will consult with each patient to discuss the pros and cons of different solutions accordingly.

The clinic also offers cutting-edge joint, knee, and hip replacement treatments, as well as a new, non-surgical injection treatment for knee osteoarthritis known as iPAAG, Arthrosamid. This protocol allows for long-lasting cushioning of the inner capsular tissue, which mitigates pain and stiffness while improving knee function. Platelet-rich plasma treatments, bracing, and imaging services – including ultrasound and MRIs – are also available at the clinic.

The MSK Doctors Cartilage Regeneration Clinic is recognised as a teaching centre of excellence by the International Cartilage Regeneration Society (ICRS).

One patient commented: “Absolutely great experience visiting MSK Doctors today. Staff were all very friendly and welcoming making for a great environment. Would recommend to anyone looking for treatment. Best doctors I have visited.”

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