5 Reasons to Rent a Wig Instead of Buying

Today, people are used to renting homes, cars or even prom dresses. However, what about renting a wig? And not from the girl that lives a few doors down, but from the new Atlanta based luxury hair company, WellCapped? WellCapped uses the highest quality hair and hospital-grade sanitizing guidelines to ensure new styles arrive packaged, primed, and ready to rock!

Today, people are used to renting a home, car, or even a prom dress; but what about renting a wig? And not from the girl that lives a few doors down, but from the new Atlanta based luxury hair company, WellCapped? At


Everyone wants to do their part in making Earth a better place to call home, however, most people probably don’t realize just how much wigs, weaves, and extensions are damaging the planet. The petrochemical-derived materials like polyester, acrylic, and PVC (????) are not biodegradable. This means that they will ultimately end up in landfills and add more to the global waste problem. These harmful chemicals coupled with the incredibly short lifespan of synthetic hair, essentially make wigs the “fast-fashion” of the hair world.


For those who may be protecting their natural locks or just switching it up; purchasing a new high-quality, lace front, human hair wig is expensive! Especially if choosing to rock a blonde bob for the summer then have that long, dark, sultry vibe in winter. But that’s the beauty of renting with WellCapped. The company enables members to switch up their look for every trip, season, or month! Members have the freedom to challenge the norm, find their new style, or even match their look to a new bag!


Those who love luxurious hair that can be styled without melting, know that luxury comes with a price. Renting a wig with a WellCapped subscription starts at an incredible introductory rate of just $65 a month for SIX WIGS A YEAR! Whereas buying the same stylist-designed, lace-front, human hair wigs would cost at least $600 depending on the unit ????. When it comes to affordability, renting a wig vs buying is like asking if the pasta in Italy or at Olive Garden will satisfy one more.


It’s no secret what happens once that “new hair” feeling wears off. The customer gets used to it, gets over it, and unless they’re willing to spend another few hundred to replace it, they start trying to revitalize it. But let’s be real, who has time for all the washing, plucking, bleaching, dying, and cutting required to bring a wig back to life?! Certainly not a powerfully booked and busy woman (or man) like savvy WellCapped members. Plus, everyone deserves to be pampered in this lifetime so why would one sign up for 2 days worth of labor when signing up for WellCapped takes less than 5 minutes?


It’s simple. Renting a wig is all the fun with none of the hassle! WellCapped members get to enjoy that new hair feeling, switch up their look, and potentially discover their new signature style all while avoiding the washing, maintenance, expensive payments, and disposal! There is literally nothing better than consistent wins with no possible loss!

WellCapped allows members to achieve all their hair goals, not just one! So stop delaying and start renting today!


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