Los Angeles Designer Launches New Jewelry Line of Murano Glass Bead Necklaces

The new statement necklaces feature handmade Murano glass beads from Italy, and gold overlay chains that have been sourced from Realm of the Goddess in Los Angeles.

At a time in which international travel remains challenging, the jeweler is proud to be bringing her clientele the iconic looks of Italy with her Murano accented pieces. With a history that reaches back to 1291, Amasor Jewelry’s use of Venetian glass beads brings a timeless touch of European charm, culture, and sophistication to their US customers.

Murano glass is world famous for its unparalleled quality, rich range of colors, and unsurpassed craftsmanship, and the Los Angeles jeweler’s new pieces show off the beads to their full dramatic effect.

The first new necklace is the Authentic Murano Glass Bead Pendant. Featuring a heavy 24-karat gold overlay chain, 32-inches long, the necklace’s simple structure showcases the striking, multicolored, light-reflecting Murano glass bead. More details can be found at https://amasorjewelry.com/product/authentic-murano-glass-bead-pendant

The second addition to Amasor Jewelry’s collection is the Authentic Murano Glass Beads – Gold Overlay Chain. This necklace has five many-hued beads that measure 16 mm and four beads that measure 10 mm, evenly spaced across a heavy classic gold-overlay chain.

More information is available at https://amasorjewelry.com/product/authentic-murano-glass-beads-gold-overlay-chain

Unlike the more standard gold electroplated costume jewelry on the market, Amasor’s creations feature 20 to 30 mils of 24-karat gold that is electro-deposited on the surface of high quality brass. This process gives wearers the durability, look, weight and feel of genuine gold and is designed to be worn daily.

Amy Masor is a passionate and talented jeweler based in Los Angeles. She works exclusively with high-quality mediums including gold filled and gold overlay chains and components, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, pearls, handmade glass beads and more. Her items can be purchased via her online store and shipped across the US.

In addition to her new Murano glass necklaces, interested customers can peruse her entire jewelry line online at http://amasorjewelry.com

“Make a statement with our new one-of-a-kind necklaces created with famous Murano glass beads,” a spokesperson for the jeweler said. “The textured, multicolored beads alone are pieces of art, and their colors capture the light and glow. Wearing these pieces shows your individuality and impeccable taste in style. You are unique, so wear unique jewelry.”

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