Groundhog Turf Care Cautions Against Organic Lawn Care In Local Publication

A local Bedford New Hampshire magazine featured Groundhog Turf Care to educate consumers about the potential dangers of using organic lawn care services.

Nick Makris, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Groundhog Turf Care urges homeowners to use caution when considering organic lawn care treatments, according to an article published in the April edition of Bedford Living magazine. “When it comes to fertilizer there isn’t much difference between organic and synthetic,” Makris explains. “The real concern is in insect and weed controls. We often hear ‘organic’ and think that equates to being safe for the environment, people, and pets, however this is not necessarily true. Remember that cyanide and arsenic are both organic compounds. What most homeowners don’t know is that, unlike synthetic lawn care products, organic pesticides are not tested or regulated by the EPA for safety and efficacy. Basically, organic lawn care companies can put whatever they want into their spray and never have to prove that it works or that it is safe.”

The Groundhog Turf Care company, working directly with professors from the University of Massachusetts and the University of New Hampshire, have found that organic insect and weed control products present a risk of respiratory and kidney problems through laboratory testing, especially in small children and pets.

Groundhog Turf Care customizes its own nutrient-rich synthetic lawn care products specifically for the needs of New Hampshire lawns. “Most national lawn care companies cut costs by using cheaper fertilizer – the most expensive component of a lawn care product. What we have found is that investing in the fertilizer product – adding micronutrients and biological metabolites, etc. – creates thicker healthier turf, which in turn chokes out weeds and repels insects, requiring less pesticides to maintain the lawn.”

“Lawns are a lot like us,” Makris continues, “that the better nutrition they receive, the healthier they will be.”

The article was featured in the April edition of Bedford Living Magazine, a social publication which is distributed free to 7,100 residents of Bedford New Hampshire. Bedford Living is one of 30 community magazines published through N2 Publishing; a nation-wide publishing company dedicated to building communities by supporting local businesses, promoting local events, and sharing resident-submitted articles of interest. Bedford Living’s personal mission is to “bring the community together in a positive way with residents telling their story.” Two percent of the profits received through the publication are donated to help stop human trafficking.

Makris says that Groundhog Turf Care is proud to belong to this Bedford Living community and hopes that his contribution to the magazine will help to raise awareness regarding the safe use of lawn care products for the residents of Bedford and surrounding communities.

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