Virtual PMP Exam Simulator | Live E-Learning/Practice Questions Course Launched

The new simulator features an exam bank of 1,500+ practice questions and can be used to thoroughly prepare for the PMP exam so that it can be taken with confidence. This test is used across a wide variety of industries and can be an excellent way to increase one’s viability as a hireable candidate.

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With the recent move, Brain Sensei seeks to help candidates perform well on this important examination, which is used as a benchmark in the IT, aerospace, and healthcare industries, as well as many others. The exam is rigorous, but the company will equip those taking the exam with all the tools they need to be prepared.

The demand for project management professionals has never been higher, with more than a quarter of IT executives saying that they plan to hire a PMP in the next 6 months. Studies also show that those who earn a PMP certification and get hired are paid more than those in equivalent positions who do not have the certification.

Brain Sensei has designed a course of study that will closely simulate the PMP exam by drawing from the latest edition of the PMP exam prep guide. For a one-time fee, candidates can use the Brain Sensei system for 6 months, with access to the practice exam being unlimited.

Before taking the PMP exam, candidates must first complete 35 hours or more of education, which is also something that Brain Sensei can provide. Their e-learning course offers dedicated exam prep materials which include acronym reviews, term reviews, and targeted practice exam questions for any given concept. More information is available at

Brain Sensei offers virtual asynchronous courses which can be completed at any pace alongside live instruction hosted over a video call. These courses can be combined to quickly master the PMP materials to become a fully qualified project management candidate.

One satisfied reviewer said, “I really enjoyed the Brain Sensei self-learning course as well as the virtual course with the instructor. I am so pleased with how easy and efficient the courses were to navigate, and how simply the PMI approach was placed into everyday situations.”

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